Brendan Cowell lands guest role in The Borgias

Brendan Cowell has landed a five-episode arc in The Borgias, playing a Jewish king.

Another Aussie actor has been cast in a US series, this time Brendan Cowell (Love My Way, Howzat!, The Slap) in Showtime’s The Borgias.

News Limited reports he has landed a five-episode arc playing a Jewish king, and will film in Budapest.

He was reportedly cast on tapes alone and didn’t need to audition for series creator Neil Jordan. That’s encouraging for local actors….

Cowell tweeted: “@EmilySmitzer: Brez, busted, bearded in Budapest. #TheBorgias @brendancowell.”

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  1. Dunno about the rest of you but when I hear of a great talent nurtured in Oz making huge steps on the international stage, I get a real, warm fuzzy feeling.

    First noticed this excellent actor in STC’s “The Shape of Things” 9 years ago – he oozed talent!

    Onya Brendan

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