Cameras roll on Underbelly: Squizzy

Filming begins on Underbelly: Squizzy, with 22yo Jared Daperis in the lead role.

Filming begins this week on Underbelly: Squizzy the next instalment in Nine’s true crime franchise.

As first revealed by TV Tonight, the 2013 series spans 1915 to 1927 Melbourne.

In the title role of gangster Squizzy Taylor is 22 year old Jared Daperis (Halifax FP, Stingers, Small Time Gangster, The Cup).

In Underbelly: Razor, the role was originally created by actor Justin Rosniak.

The cast also includes Susie Porter, as matriarch “Rosie Taylor”, alongside Luke Ford, Dan Wyllie, Nathan Page, Richard Cawthorne, Ashley Zukerman, Matt Boesenberg, Diana Glenn, Ken Radley, Andrew Ryan, Fletcher Humphrys and Peter Moon, with Camille Keenan, Elise Jansen and Gracie Gilbert.

Writing are Felicity Packard, Jeff Truman and Peter Gawler, joined by Adam Todd and Andy Muir.

Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan from the Nine Network said, “Nine is thrilled to bring the romantic and audacious life of Squizzy Taylor to the screen. As our first celebrity gangster, Squizzy Taylor captivated, charmed and scandalised the Australian public of 1915-27. We are confident Underbelly: Squizzy will have the same appeal in 2013.”

Executive Chairman of Screentime Des Monaghan said, “Squizzy loved women and they loved him which may explain why he became such a legendary figure and his story endures. He was to the 20th Century what Ned Kelly was to the 19th.”

The character has previously been depicted on screen by David Atkins in the 1982 film Squizzy.

Photo: Herald Sun

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  1. Wow…nice to see some new names getting cast.Geez havent seen Dany Wylie and Susie Porter in anything since…well, last weeks episode of Puberty Blues.
    Once again Australian casting recycles the same old names over and over again.Boring! No wonder all the other actors are running of to LA to get work in a place that actually gives new faces a shot.

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