Carmelo returns to The X Factor

22 year old student Carmelo Munzone returned to The X Factor last night as the replacement singer for Josh Brookes, who was disqualified last week.

As tipped by TV Tonight, Munzone was the favourite to return to Mel B’s team after she was left with one singer. Host Luke Jacobz didn’t even explain Brookes’ departure to the audience. That would have required some detail about Brookes’ social media transgression, but the show owed it to the audience to explain its decision on air in some form at least.

More positively, a terribly eager Munzone rose to the challenge of two days’ preparation (despite Brookes leaving last Thursday) and everyone had managed to keep the secret very well.

The show itself didn’t hit the mark of its first Live show a week ago, with several “deer in headlight” performances, odd song choices and elaborate staging. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to cut down Bohemian Rhapsody to just two minutes?

Ronan Keating’s Fourtunate were the highlight for the night.

Munzone also appears today on Sunrise to talk about his new-found fame.


  1. Carmelo was great last night, I’m hoping he sticks around til at least the top 6. Bella is growing on me as well.

    None of the others are really gripping me, I find the boybands annoyingly manufactured and fake. I didn’t even bother watching the show last night, I just caught the highlights on Plus7 and Youtube after it aired

  2. Carmelo did a great job, I hope the X Factor voters get behind him. There were quite a few ‘wrong’ song choices last night, mostly from Nat’s team., Bella & Shiane were both terrible performances & Justin (cowboy) singing Bohemian Rhapsody was just embarrassing, oh and don’t even get me started on What About Tonight…..horrendous! Bottom 2 – Bella & Justin

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