Double trouble in Paper Giants

TV Tonight recently swung by the shoot for Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, the sequel to ABC’s hit miniseries.

Focussed on the battle between magazine editors Dulcie Bowling and Nene King in 1987, it stars Rachel Griffiths, Mandy McElhinney and Rob Carlton, reprising his role as Kerry Packer.

The Southern Star series is shooting Packer’s office scenes at the same location it used for Nine’s Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, this time with another actor behind the desk.

Mandy McElhinney, who played Packer’s secretary Rose sitting outside his office, now plays Nene King while another actress assumes the role of the secretary.

Meanwhile Alexander England, who played Tony Greig in Howzat, assumes the role of a young James Packer.

It’s all a bit of mind games if you think about it for too long, but in the hands of Director Daina Reid, who directed both, it should shape up well.


  1. John Edwards ran a wrecking ball through the market value of this series by not sticking with one actor. Strangest decision ever as it fragments and confuses the audience.

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