Foxtel ‘Express’: Dexter now starts Monday

Great news for Dexter fans.

Showcase has just confirmed it will fast-track Season 7 to this coming Monday.

It will premiere at 4:45pm AEST Monday October 1, which is 1hr:45mins after it finishes on the West Coast of America.

A primetime airing will still take place 8:30pm Thursday October 4, three days after the US.

When last we left our hero he had been caught red-handed by his sister Deb….. can’t wait to see how he squirms outta this one…..


  1. Be careful, folks. Season 7 episode 1 of Dexter is being shown at 4.45pm on Monday 1 October.

    However, the following Monday, 8 October, Dexter is being moved to 5.30pm.

    So set your PVRs accordingly, or you’ll miss most of the 2nd episode.

  2. chelanxar September 27, 2012 at 8:16 pm , No editing on showcase of dexter, shown as it is on dvd.

    Congrats to showtime for fasttracking this show, learnt from last year when they aired S6 6 weeks after the US began.

  3. @chelanxar there is no need for showcase to edit them the Blu-ray and DVDs are also rated MA. i think that Sons and Boardwalk have been the same as the US versions.

    Glad they are “Express screening” this also nice lead in for Boardwalk Empire

  4. Why not just air it Monday night at 8.30? That’s great for Dexter fans with Foxtel, but still, why air it 1hr45 after it airs and then 3 days later, when you can just air it 4hrs after US. That’s a lot better than anyone else is doing?

    Can’t wait for Dexter to start.

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