Gruen tops Favourite TV Show survey

Gruen is Australia’s favourite TV show according to a new survey conducted by Encore magazine.

The industry mag used people’s perceptions of each category, rather than ratings figures or box office numbers to determine the results, offering a unique insight into what is the nation’s favourite, rather than best publicised (and therefore most watched).

Editor Brooke Hemphill said that a favourite TV series gauged by appreciation is different from the most popular in terms of viewing figures as it takes into account what viewers thought of it after they have watched it.

ABC fared best in the top ten, which also included one Pay TV show: Grand Designs Australia.

1. The Gruen Transfer/Planet – ABC
2. Spicks and Specks – ABC
3. Packed to the Rafters – Seven
4. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – ABC
5. Offspring – Ten
6. Winners and Losers – Seven
7. Masterchef – Ten
8. Grand Designs Australia – Lifestyle Channel
9. X Factor – Seven
10. ABC News – ABC

“It just goes to show that the highest ratings shows are not always the most loved. The Gruen Transfer is one of very few shows that have both. The key is that it has a very high appreciation factor,” Hemphill said.

“Other shows, such as Underbelly: Razor which came 13th on the list, have a high awareness factor as they are highly promoted, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a favourite, even when watched by many people.”

The full list of results can be found in a special edition of Encore, released for the iPad today available free from the App Store.


  1. Hey Secret Squirrel,
    The data was collected and collated in the last month. The survey was to accompany the 2012 Mumbrella/Encore awards and so programs that aired in the last financial year ending in June 2012 were on the list shared with survey respondents. In all there were 91 programs on that list and survey respondents saw the logo of the show and the name of it. They were asked if they were aware of the show, if the show was one of their favourites, least favourites or never watched it. A formula of those aware that rated the show their favourite was used to determine the list.

  2. @steviep… is a list of favourite shows not the most popular, while hoards of people apparently watched the voice it obviously isn’t their favourite show…

  3. @calodie – I’d guess that at least some of the data was collected a while ago given that it mentions Gruen Transfer which last aired in Sep 2011. Spicks and Specks is also still playing on ABC2.

    As always, the published results never provide a full picture – we need to see the actual Qs and know the conditions under which they were asked and answered.

  4. Isn’t interesting that, considering the current ratings situation, TEN has two programmes on the list, Seven 3, ABC 4 with none for either Nine or SBS. There is obviously some sort of disconnect going on between favourites and what rates. I also found it interesting that 4 of the programmes were dramas. It would be interesting to see such a list if overseas programmes were also included just to see how many Oz shows would remain in the top ten

  5. congrats to Will and the gang, they too are my favourite, I know each week they will entertain me and make me laugh as well as think ! I also love grand designs australia…they did extremely well to stick by the british formula and it shows !

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