Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj confirmed for American Idol.

Keith Urban is now officially hitched to American Idol, after quitting The Voice.

Following weeks of speculation, Keith Urban is now officially hitched as judge to American Idol, with a pay packed tipped at $4m.

Urban quit The Voice last week ahead of the official announcement by FOX.

“I’ve been so fortunate to have been a part of The Voice,” he said.

“And as much as I’d love to do it again, it’s clear that the recording and promoting of a new album, a tour and other commitments, will keep me from being a part of the second season.”

Presumably “other commitments” means the FOX season.

Urban joins Mariah Carey, said to be on $18m, rapper Nicki Minaj on a reported $8m and veteran Randy Jackson who resumes as a judge despite some talk he may adopt a mentor role.

Auditions are getting underway in the US with the series to return in January.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Whats wrong with Randy Jackson? He is the only one who is honest. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were pussies. This year they even had to add in Jimmy Iovine’s opinions because none of the judges would speak up with the truth
    Nicki Minaj is a bit of a joke, but at least she has industry experience. Casting Ellen DeGeneres was the biggest joke.
    My biggest problem with the talent shows now is spending 5 minutes per performance with just judges comments, which are usually repetitive anyways. The audience isnt that stupid, and it’s only done to boost the judges profiles. With four big name judges I’m a bit worried for this next season.

  2. What a blow for 9, no doubt this will severely damag the brand, KU was the best thing about The Voice. All the back stage back stabbing and long hours obviously got to Urban. He’ll be much happier on American Idol ….wonder who they’ll get to replace him?

  3. @ Guy: in a word: No.
    It doesn’t make me wonder.

    If someone offered you greater fame in the U.S, and a 7 figure salary, you’d jump at the chance too.

    Nothing to do with the “behind the scenes of The Voice”….

  4. I don’t really care about Randy Jackson, but I respect the fact that unlike many other reality TV judges. He knows no one was looking for him before this and they won’t be after. So he’s going to keep doing his job, not cause a fuss for as long as they’ll have him.

    Nicki Minaj is a bad choice. Does she have any credibility at all? She’s been in the business only a few years. Bad move there.

  5. Damn, I was hoping and praying the Nicki Minaj rumours weren’t true! It’s bad enough that she can’t actually sing herself to be sitting in judgement of others (you need look no further than her performance at the Grammys this year for proof), but then having to endure that ridiculous fake British accent she bungs on is going to be super irritating too.

  6. Really happy with this line up. Can’t wait for Queen Mariah to slay. Although I wish someone got rid of Randy Jackson, he’s been a hopeless judge for 11 years. Also, this whole “Keith Urban leaving the Voice for American Idol” thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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