Keith Urban quits The Voice

Keith Urban has quit Nine talent series The Voice ahead of an expected announcement that he will become an American Idol judge.

Keith Urban has quit Nine talent series The Voice ahead of an expected announcement that he will become an American Idol judge.

Nine Director of Television Michael Healy said in a statement, “We were really happy to have Keith as part of the inaugural Voice crew and of course he will always remain part of The Voice family in Australia. We are currently in negotiations with super star musicians to fill the coaching roles (next year).”

Urban said in a statement: “I’ve been so fortunate to have been a part of The Voice.

“And as much as I’d love to do it again, it’s clear that the recording and promoting of a new album, a tour and other commitments, will keep me from being a part of the second season.

“To everyone who sang on the show, I thank you, you’ve inspired not just me, but countless others. To everyone behind the scenes and to my on camera family Darren, Delta, Joel and Seal, thank you for making it so much fun. Keep watching Australia!”

Urban is expected to be formally announced as an American Idol Judge alongside Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson.

The exit of Urban is a huge blow to the series, both as an individual coach and as part of a group chemistry with Delta Goodrem, Seal and Joel Madden.

It’s not the first time an Aussie talent show has served as a springboard for talent judges to be elevated overseas. Dannii Minogue’s first season appearance on Australia’s Got Talent led to her role on The X Factor UK.

A Nine spokeswoman said an announcement on the 2013 line up would be made soon.

Source: News Limited

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  1. Noooo Keith!! He was the most ‘genuine’ judge on the show. I understand that American Idol is better for his “star status”, but American Idol is one of the most truly awful talent/reality shows out there – and that’s really saying something 😐
    And a talent like Keith alongside the likes of Carey & Minaj? Uggh!!

  2. Should be another Australian taking over logically, only one of the judges this year was born in Australia (Delta). Seal and Joel Madden were great o/s judges and hopefully they are there for season two, but it should be an Australian to even the spread of home-grown talent, because the host is Scottish and Seal and Joel are already there.

  3. I doubt it will be a farnsey and barnsey> While nobody would contend their musical credentials, i bet they would be seeking a younger, more current artist.. Tom Jones failed to connect with audiences in the UK.

    I agree with David that a Minogue or even Darren Hayes would overrepresent the pop side of things..

    I think they should stick with country or a crossover alt rock type.. A real coup would be Kasey Chambers or Bernard Fanning. Some lesser known contenders (but good media performers in this genre) could be the likes of Josh Pyke, Tim Rogers, Kevin Mitchell and Kav temperly.(but perhaps they are better suited as mentors)

  4. @ SusanP Hear what your saying but i feel it would be riskier to have another foreign accent. David seems to know something. I am now going for Kasey Chambers. Makes sense, she is country like Keith and has a huge loveable personality.

  5. Sounds like David knows something we don’t ;P

    What they will be looking for is someone with a country music background to keep the broader audience appeal, Lee Kernigan, Kasey Chambers maybe but they might not have enough star power.

    Ella Hooper would be on my wishlist.

  6. Keith was the only coach I liked on the show, but I will still enjoy him on American Idol. Does it have to be a country singer he will be replaced with? A lot of people are saying Shannon Noll but I don’t think he has that great a voice and seriously Jimmy Barnes??

  7. @jonno…I bet they won’t do that either. In fact, they will look for overseas people ahead of folks here. It’s a mindset and perception thing. Unfortunately. Aussie networks aren’t risk takers and they would perceive such a ‘new’ element inclusion as risky I think.

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