Kevin McCloud has entered the building

It was a meeting of Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud and Grand Designs Australia host Peter Maddison in Melbourne last night, at the launch of the Lifestyle Channel’s third season.

Channel Manager Duane Hatherly let slip that FremantleMedia was already filming a fourth season and is in discussion on a fifth. Neither has been officially announced.

It was great news for the property series, which last week made the Top Ten favourite shows in Encore’s recent survey. At The Point restaurant in Albert Park, a venue designed by Madison in 1996, the crowd of mostly sponsors and suppliers were there to see the hosts.

“Kevin’s just done his 100th show, and I think I’ve just done my 20th,” said Maddison.

“I’d like to thank Peter for making the series here in Australia,” said McCloud. “It is as powerful and I think as strongly associated with this country as it could possibly be.

“I really enjoy watching Grand Designs Australia because for the first time in 15 years I can watch Grand Designs and not know how it ends! So I can watch it as a punter. I started to really enjoy it and started to understand what I’m doing wrong in my pieces to camera!”

Maddison joked, “I’ll give you a few tips. I’ll talk to you later.”

“All hail the master of the southern hemisphere!” McCloud responded.

Both hosts will appear for the next three days at Grand Designs Australia Live at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

The casts of Selling Houses Australia and Location Location Location Australia will also appear.

Season Three begins 8:30pm Thursday October 18 on The LifeStyle Channel.

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