Kim Kardashian, Tim Tams and guilty pleasures.

Reality TV, merchandising, clothing lines, cosmetics, fragrances, workout DVDs, music videos, product endorsements and more.

When it comes to Celebrity / Reality TV franchises, there’s none bigger than Kim Kardashian. Wikipedia lists her as “Businesswoman, socialite, television personality, model, actress.”

Currently in Australia, last night she attended E!’s channel refresh event in Sydney and is also here to promote weight loss products.

Speaking to TV Tonight, she reflected on how her series Keeping Up with the Kardashians had helped build an empire, that is now the prototype for others to follow. How did it all begin?

“We had a clothing store so our initial goal was to promote the store and we thought the show would be a good job at doing that. Once we were on board we thought it could be way better than that. Surprisingly,” she says.

“We thought ‘Let’s do it. Let’s have fun with it.’ And that was that.

“We mix real family values with the craziness, so we have a mix of everything. So I think it’s pretty intriguing to the viewers. Our family keeps on changing, there are babies being born, and there’s so much going on that it’s fun to watch. A guilty pleasure.”

Now in its 7th season, the series features family members Kourtney, Khloe, Kris, Bruce, Rob, Kendall and Kylie. This season a new baby is due.

“One of the great things for Kourtney is giving birth to my niece Penelope. It’s such an emotional moment,” she says.

There isn’t much that isn’t bared and shared for the cameras. But is there a line in the sand in keeping some things private?

“It’s all trial and error to be honest. I think we show what we’re comfortable with and then if there’s something we’re not comfortable with we don’t show that. There have definitely been times when we’ve shown something and then later thought ‘Ok this isn’t really what I want to be showing,'” she admits.

“But things change and you look back and think ‘I can’t believe we fought over that!’

“There are definitely times when you think ‘I’m exhausted, I don’t want to film right now.’ But not wishing it would all go away.

“We have our moments and privacy is really valuable. But we’ve taken time off for vacations, and we’ve just gotten back into it recently in the house and that’s really important to us. Now we’re really valuing privacy a lot more.”

Wherever she goes cameras and public attention follows. Despite much cynicism, Keeping up with the Kardashians has a healthy fanbase in Australia. How do Aussie fans differ from Americans?

“They’re very sweet, but American fans are too. They definitely give a lot of Tim Tams, I’m down with that!”

And what about the local media?

“I think they’re really nice, not too invasive, really understanding.”

Every answer for Kardashian is defiantly optimistic, even for one who has endured mammoth scrutiny in the public eye. Perhaps it is the key to her longevity.

“I love Australia I really do, that’s why I keep on coming back. I wish I had more time here, then I could go to Bondi Beach.”

An 8th season of the TV show is due in 2013, and there’s no sign of slowing down.

“We’ve been doing it a while now so I think we just get more comfortable as the years go on,” she says.

“We’re signed up for a couple more years so we’ll see how that goes. Once it stops being fun and we collectively decide it isn’t what we want to do anymore then we’ll stop. But as of now, for the next couple of years, we’re here to stay.”

Keeping up with the Kardashians airs 8:30pm Tuesdays on E!


  1. I held off on reading this story all morning, because I can’t stand the Kardashians and the “famous for being famous” life they have built.

    But I agree with David, it’s interesting how they have managed to build a huge brand out of nothing.

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