Kristina Keneally “non-plussed” about Rake.

If former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally was the inspiration for Toni Collette’s characterisation as the fictional NSW Premier in Rake last night, she wasn’t fazed.

On Twitter last night she said:

“It seems I missed something tonight on some TV show called #Rake. Suddenly I’m getting tweets about it. I’m nonplussed.”

Responding to a tweet that there was even “a tribute Kflick tonight… ” she replied, “Ah, the hair. Has a life of its own.”

Instead the former Premier turned Basketball Australia CEO was far more interested in the AusGliders competing at the Paralympics, also on the ABC. After staying up late, she was rewarded for her support.

“@AusGliders WIN! Defeat USA. Into the Gold Medal Match! AMAZING GAME. Well done Gliders!”

Of course, as Richard Roxburgh told TV Tonight, the character wasn’t based on any one individual.

“She’s not really based on anybody. People will draw some conclusions because she’s female and she’s a Premier but she’s a Liberal Party Premier,” he said.

“I guess what we’re describing is a world that is conceivable now. It’s conceivable that a Liberal Party Premier could be somebody like Toni Collette.”


  1. I gotta say, and I am a massive Toni Collette fan, but I found her a bit OTT in Rake. She seemed much too glamourous for a state pollie. And she walked like a movie star. Still, great to see her doing some local TV work – she is endlessly watchable.

  2. @[email protected]…that should be superb.

    @jezza… No admiration for her time in the political sun and there was way too much focus on her looks imo. It can wind up disservicing someone in politics for that to be repeatedly such a focus.
    Brains and capability are beautiful too….especially in someone who wields power.

    Not surprised at her reaction on Twitter…that’s pretty stock. Gillard did/said a similar thing after a representation of her on TV.

  3. jezza the first original one

    Rake was excellent and Toni Collette just sizzled on the screen. As I have suggested elsewhere, I wonder if it somehow possible to get Martha Costello from Silk and Cleaver Greene in a 2-3 parter or movie version of a combined show.

    As for KK she was the hottest Premier around, pity she was surrounded by fools.

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