Lara Bingle loses licence

Lara Bingle has lost her licence for 12 months, been fined $3,500 and put on a good behaviour bond of 18 months after an incident with a motorcyclist in Bondi in May.

Bingle pleaded guilty to three driving offences in a Sydney court this morning.

She was charged with driving on a suspended license, failing to give particulars at the scene of a crash, failing to give way at an intersection and failing to notify the authorities of a change of address.

She had also been booked for speeding six times this year.

A Waverly Court magistrate told the star of Being Lara Bingle, “If you are to commit any serious traffic offences or criminal offences, that bond will be looked at.”

Source: Daily Telegraph, TripleM


  1. Good to see she is getting what she deserves. Its disappointing when you see footballers in the same circumstances and all they get is a warning and a small fine.. well in Adelaide anyway.

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