Lights, camera, location….

It’s not often we’ve had the chance to learn about hiring locations for TV shoots, but today the Sydney Morning Herald has a fascinating insight into this aspect of productions.

It centres around the home of Adriane Strampp in Fitzroy, better known as the loft that is home to Offspring‘s Nina Proudman.

Location manager, Nelson Khoury scouted more than 40 homes before settling on this one.

Strampp says the crew have been unobtrusive.

On a day before filming, orange bollards are set up around the house and along neighbouring streets. Security personnel stand guard outside from the night before. In the morning, trucks start moving in and suddenly 50 people are bustling about Strampp’s home. The house fills with crew and camera equipment and Strampp leaves for the day.

”When I get home it is all gone and everything is exactly as I left it, as if they’d never been here,” she says. Staff actually photograph her house in the morning to restore it exactly. Online responses from viewers to Nina’s new home were mixed. Many gushed; others preferred the previous, more modern, abode. It can take time for viewers to warm to a new set on television, Khoury says. ”We don’t like to move characters, but when we do we try and top the last one. Some people are attached, but in this case viewers seemed to let go pretty quickly.”

You can read the full article here.

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