Max Gillies on House Husbands

Great to see Max Gillies in a dramatic role coming up on the next episode of House Husbands.

Gillies plays the father to Kane (Gyton Grantley) and (Abi) Natalie Sabeela, but not everyone sees eye to eye on everything.

Next Sunday is probably the strongest episode so far, as the show begins to settle into a groove.


  1. I remember The Gillies Report was ‘must watch’ TV in our household back when I was a kid.
    Loving House Husbands, and am looking forward to seeing Max on telly again.

  2. Just read through a raft of comments re HH and the view is quite positive. Certainly picking up audience as it goes along. One laugh I had though were some appealing to the network….please..this is HH..must we have so many feminine hygiene product ads! And as usual for 9, start times.

  3. @ [email protected]… agreed. I think the same re actors like Jeremy Brett (sadly passed away) who was a sublime Sherlock and if you watch his series you will see the stories Brett tells via facial expressions…just small muscle shifts. Marvelous.

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