Person of Interest, Underbelly: Badness: update

Nine has made a change to plans to return Person of Interest next Monday, depending on where you live.

If you live in Sydney and Brisbane the show runs as planned from 9:30pm next Monday.

But other states will have to wait, and the reason is the Brownlow Medal which takes place a week later, September 24th.

Nine isn’t keen to have the drama run against the AFL‘s big night so it will hold off returning it in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Next Monday, Nine screens a double episode of Underbelly: Badness in “southern states”, which puts that show ahead viewers north of the Murray.

On September 24 Nine screens the movie Wedding Crashers against the Brownlow in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. TV Tonight understands Person of Interest should return on October 1st in those cities but be two weeks behind other states.

No changes for Sydney and Brissy.


  1. So channel 9 will fast-track POI Season 2? I hope so; they did this with Season 1 in Oct last year and it worked a treat, rated well too. Given that other networks are fast-tracking some US shows, I would expect 9 to do this.

  2. Channel 9 decision was made so as to start POI after the Gordon Ramsey show finished and so they could give POI a lead in from Underbelly and run straight into the 2nd season.

    My guess would be the decision was made in Sydney where the Brownlow Medal doesn’t exist. It should have been put on the white board but perhaps the person who knew that was one of the people made redundant in the last round of budget cuts.

  3. jezza the first original one

    @ Secret Squirrel….absolutely spot on, so many programmers just cannot do basic commonsense and planning. The fta comm chs seem plagued by such people

  4. Whilst it is understandable that Nine would want to avoid putting PoI up against the Brownlow, this (Brownlow) is not something that has just been slotted in at short notice by Seven. The date for the Brownlow event (and therefore broadcast) has been known for quite some time, so it beggars belief that somewhere at Nine HQ there isn’t a calendar with that already blocked in.

    Whether Nine would have wanted to also delay PoI in Syd and Bri by 2 weeks is unknown, but to announce that it will be starting at a certain time and then shortly after amend that, because of information that should have already been known, just re-enforces the strong impression that their programming people have little idea about what’s going on in the real world.

  5. Very messy indeed and I wonder if say WIN people etc are on a different time again as they are with BB etc. The above may not necessarily deal with regional station times in other words.

    Wouldn’t it be better to actually show the first episode and then alter the time for the second because of Brownlow and then slip back for the 3rd etc? I think people get their heads around that far better.

    Double eps haven’t gone down well and the audience gets cross in social media having people in one area talking about a show they are yet to see….so…they then go online/elsewhere and watch it some other way to keep in pace.

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