Reality is, it was an excruciating night on the box.

Big Brother and I Will Survive served up some startlingly vapid telly as primetime entertainment.

As Reality TV goes, last night was pretty excruciating.

Big Brother and I Will Survive served up some startlingly vapid telly as primetime entertainment.

Nine’s Big Brother, having teased us with the arrival of new Intruder Ava, proceeded to unravel this week’s challenge: a ludicrous “animal wilderness documentary” that saw housemates mimicking jungle animals in the backyard.

Under instruction from a ‘David Attenborough-mimic’, they were down on all fours wearing animal headgear. Michael roared like a lion. Angie smeared banana over her body. George and Josh rolled around in the mud. After some clever challenges in previous weeks such as the “Yes / No” task and the fake second house, this was banal primetime entertainment.

There were even moments of Bradley and George in drag (shouldn’t they be on TEN or The Footy Show?).

Nine appears to be borrowing some inspiration from The Block, which attracted a large following amongst kids for the moments when adults adopt very silly behaviour.

The whole time Intruder Ava -who could have added some conflict- was kept away from the pack, now to be revealed tonight.

I can’t help but wonder whatever happened to Andrew Backwell’s claim that, ““We’re casting for interesting debate rather than mindless chat” and ““We want relationships, adults who relate to each other, rather than just people looking to hook up.”

It’s not what I’m seeing on my screen.

I’m seeing people actively encouraged to hook up.

Please address the storytelling.

Meanwhile I Will Survive threw up some improvisation acting monologues in the outback, that were larger than life on the small screen and awkwardly intense. One bloke was even playing two roles in a break-up scene at the same time. Triple threat or triple personality?

Ok maybe this show isn’t vapid, but it is decidedly awkward. Hugh Sheridan is awkward as host in this premise. I Will Survive strikes me as the ultimate “you had to be there” show, but I just find the whole thing over the top under the magnifying glass that is TV.

Thank goodness The X Factor stumped up with some A-List stars and some talented kids instead.

Maybe I should have been checking out Poh’s Kitchen?

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  1. To David Knox#

    What i meant was that 2 weeks before BB started. Ch9 desided to do a promo where (the block vs Big brother) where the block says big brother is taking our time slot. Then he had a sad face. Not sure his name but its hte guy with his tools all the times. However what i was saying is.. why make that promo about the block vs big brother.. When “the block” would had finished well before big brother started. If not mistaken. Please correct me if mistaken. But never the less the block desided to jump on board and make it out oooh big brother is will take out time slot. But what does the block has anything to do with big brother show when the block would had finish before big brother season begings? Sorry for the confusing. I also believe whats going on with these cameras at big brother house and everything is electronic robotic design. Just like no camera men/woman controling the camera during the news. All cameras on the news studio are all robotic designs from all im concern and that should be investigated. No wonder why theres so much messy situations with ch9. By the way i enjoy the big brother last night it was long.

  2. I was hoping BB would be more like the US version which is way more interesting. HM’s can talk about nominations, each episode is all about game strategy. Highly recommended although it’s finishing in 2 weeks…

  3. With conservative governments slashing education funding all over the shop, and this utter puerile drivel filling our screens. No wonder we’re becoming a nation full of Utter Bogan Trash heading towards a society as depicted in the movie “idoicracy” sooner rather than later…

  4. All i can say on behalf of this one.. Is…. Why does channel 9 has to shove all the big premier series and shows all together when big brother apears? why not shove the block on a different month away from big brother season.. Shove all the new underbelly series and so on different months. In a year there is 12 months.. surely ch9 can choose any of the 12 months within. Not just shove everythying all in the same actual month. No wonder why theres so much corruptions between time slots because one says nothing seems to fit in during the night and so on. I believe ch9 does this for publicity stunt. Surely channel 9 is watched every months and every days. Not just during big brother in september. Unless channel 9 are all programable like robots now days. Anyways one thing i hate was this animal dressing up challange.. I think it was a disgrace abuse to the wild animals.. making humans laughing about it., Imagine animals pretending to be humans and make a laugh about it. Im sure humans may get irritated.

  5. I have been watching IWS in bits & pieces, as i normally do switching channels during ad breaks from one to another. But everytime i did see IWS they were doing drag acts, i thought it was supposed to be testing them on their overall talent with singing, dancing & acting, not just in drag!
    There has been way too much emphasis on this part of it & i’m over it, i don’t need a remake of Priscilla QOTD everytime i watch the show.

    As for BB, i can’t get the image of George in drag out of my head, he reminded me of a few Greek girls i knew in high school, except they had slightly less stubble!

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