Reality TV winner headed to Ramsay Street

Another Reality TV graduate is headed to Ramsay Street, this time the winner of Make Me A Supermodel in 2008, Rhys Uhlich.

Uhlich has a 2-month guest role in Neighbours as Scotty Boland, the “sweetheart of Ramsay Street newcomer Georgia Brooks (Saskia Hampele). A strapping country farmer who eventually decides to follow his girlfriend to Erinsborough, (not impressed she left in the first place) perhaps Scotty will discover more about himself on Ramsay St than he ever could in small town Birregurra.”

“Ever since I got into modelling, acting has been something I’ve wanted to pursue,” said Uhlich.

“It sounds cliché but it’s a natural progression to want to move into other areas of the industry.

“I grew up in the same town (Phillip Island) as the Hemsworth boys and to see the careers they’ve made for themselves is pretty inspiring.”

Uhlich is also pals with former model turn actor, Scott McGregor.

“To see the love he got from fans of the show is incredible, I just hope I can deliver my lines and people like it, let alone get the response his character did. No doubt he’ll be letting me know if I don’t.”

Uhlich started filming last week with his episodes due to air in early December.

Meanwhile, the series was awarded Best Daytime Soap at the Inside Soap Awards in the UK and Ryan Moloney won Best Daytime Soap Star for the third year running.

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