Renewed: Celebrity Apprentice Australia

Nine has renewed Celebrity Apprentice Australia for a third season from FremantleMedia Australia.

Nine has renewed Celebrity Apprentice Australia for a third season from FremantleMedia Australia.

This year’s season, won by Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson performed quite well, although not as stellar as 2011 due to it being a mid-week offering instead of stripped at 7pm.

Mark Bouris will again return to the boardroom for his fourth stint in the boardroom chair.

No casting or Airdate have yet been announced.

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  1. @David : Completely agree. I watched S1 of Celeb Apprentice and it was decent enough. S2 I didn’t complete because the on line catch up service lagged too much so I bailed, but I don’t think I missed out. Bring back the Aussie battlers who have fire in their bellies!

  2. @David Knox…agreed. And when stakes are almost non-existent and you are there simply to plug yourself, yes, the critical tensions and issues that relate to ‘make or break’ aren’t there and water the format down badly. In addition, as we’ve seen on other series, Aussie doesn’t have endless celebs…so you wind up with some bloke/gal who was on a reality show for 3 eps in 2006 and similar.

    1. After the first Celeb season I blogged that I wanted the original series back. I think real people in this format are more ruthless than celebs because they are fighting for a chance to change their lives and a real job. Celebs are just keen to reinvent their brand. Stakes are not as high.

  3. @clofts….good grief…I somehow doubt it…however, are the people from The Shire under contract to Ten or freelancers now…I can just see them being picked for such a show. 9 need to save money so if that’s their idea they should perhaps just show Jersey Shore and digitally stick faces from the Shire in the film as yapping talking heads. You know those spoofs that have marionette type figures with hinged jaws? Yep.

  4. Not again, I actually preferred the UK series, but after two seasons all the cast seemed to be the predictable lot, and the same types of people. I read in Sir Alan Sugar’s biography that the BBC people actually chose the contestants. From what I have seen over two series are that they are all very long on knowledge and extremely short on commonsense.
    In saying all that I would still rather watch “normal” people than celebrities, I am over the so called Celebrities it gets done to whatever , there are far more normal people than celebrities, anfd I think are more interesting than the others..

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