Renewed: House Husbands

Good news for Nine with its new drama series renewed for a second season.

Good news for Nine with new drama series House Husbands being renewed for a second season.

Ratings for the drama starring Gary Sweet, Firass Dirani, Gyton Grantley and Rhys Muldoon have remained buoyant following the series launch of 1.37m viewers.

“I couldn’t be happier that Australian audiences have taken House Husbands to their hearts and made it the number one drama in the country,” Nine’s Director of Television Michael Healy said.

“I am thrilled to confirm a second series of House Husbands will go into production with the same acclaimed cast and crew.”

This is the first drama for Nine to win a second season since Rescue Special Ops in 2010. Subsequent dramas, dominated by procedural plots, The Strip, Cops LAC and Tricky Business all ended after one series but Underbelly has been a consistent performer since 2008. The series by writers Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt has resonated well, the first successful melodrama series for Nine since McLeod’s Daughters.

Directors of Playmaker Media, David Taylor and David Maher, add: “We couldn’t be more pleased our House Husbands are back for another series.

“It is a huge credit to our dedicated team of writers, cast and crew that we’re back for more… see you at the school gates!”

New episodes begin filming next year.

The continues 8:30pm Sundays on Nine.

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  1. This is quite sad. If dreck like this can be (however dubiously) ranked “number one” and renewed on that basis, there really is no hope for Australian drama.

    It’s not “harmless” fun either; it’s an insidiously nasty show that comprehensively demeans men for the entertainment of women.

  2. The story lines are pretty predictable at best though I do think the show has charm. What did acting like a cat at school have to do with hiding a kitten at home? Lol breaking in that house to get the laptop ? So damn silly!

  3. I agree this has been a ‘hit’ compared to other 9 dramas. But it isn’t the best Aussie drama I’ve seen. I agree it is light & humour is good on a Sunday night. The storylines may improve in the second season. I feel that it makes males look quite incompetent.
    Hopefully nine will make another Audsie drama to replace the other recent failures to meet drama quota content.

  4. I quite enjoy it, although I watch it on tape as I much prefer Call The Midwife which is real quality. With HH some of the stories are a bit too broad and so is the acting (Mr Muldoon) but generally it passes the time and it better than yet another US cop show.

  5. It definitely deserves a 2nd season after the consistently good ratings its been getting. But I agree with others, I found it to be mediocre. Some of the plots have been embarrassing, and Gyton Grantley is made to look like an amateur actor. Not a great show at all, but by Nine’s standards it’s decent.

  6. It’s great to see Nine have a success with HH, and break their drama curse. Their audience has evolved way beyond accepting old fashioned series like Sea Patrol and RSO. I hope this encourages Nine to take a few more risks like this and reap the rewards. The audience will respond!

  7. Excellent. Loving this, I know a few people around here won’t give it a chance because its on Nine (sort of like Puberty Blues on Ten), but it’s the type of drama we’re good at when we actually try it. Kudos to Nine.

    Does anyone know how many eps series 1 has?

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