Rumour: Russel Howcroft joining TEN

Media reports today are speculating that Gruen Planet‘s Russel Howcroft, chief executive of Y&R Brands Australia, is taking a role with Network TEN in Melbourne.

B&T reports he will join the broadcaster either towards the end of the year or in the first quarter of 2013.

Mumbrella also reports Howcroft is set to leave Y&R after two years as CEO.

Melbourne media buyers have reportedly said TEN needs a local face for the channel in the city and Howcroft, who is seeking to return to his hometown from Sydney, is the ideal candidate.

Neil Shoebridge, director of corporate and public affairs at TEN said: “We can’t comment and wouldn’t on that sort of thing.”


  1. S5000 I think it means GM and a face on TV say The Project etc. Interesting and conflicting role – look how well it went for Eddie !!!

    Hard to criticise yourself let alone allow the team of producers to do their job.

  2. Yeah I think we’re jumping to conclusions, I don’t think this means on-air ‘face’, but more like how Motty seemed to be the ‘face’ kind of face.


  3. The only role he should take is as account manager of TEN whilst still CE of Y&R. The Lord knows TEN need help. In fact, TEN are a candidtate for The Pitch.

  4. If true.. I guess he won’t be on Gruen anymore. Can’t see how the ‘face’ of TEN Melbourne could continue being part of a very successful ABC TV programme..

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