Sunday Night: Sept 16

This weekend former SBS reporter PJ Madam presents her first Sunday Night story, on the Burning Man festival in Nevada, and Ross Coulthart meets Cliff Richard.

Burning Man
Burning Man is a festival like no other. In the middle of the Nevada desert, an instant city is assembled, with 60,000 people attending. Money is banned in this experimental community. Everyone has to get involved – it’s called “radical participation” and the aim is to create Nirvana. New Sunday Night reporter PJ Madam joins the madness, and the many Aussies flocking to take part in what’s been described as Woodstock on steroids.

Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff Richard is the Peter Pan of pop. He’s the Queen’s favourite rocker and has sold a staggering 250 million records over a career spanning an incredible six decades. Later this year he’s heading to Australia for another sell-out tour, but at present the music legend is sitting amongst the grapevines of his Portuguese vineyard, having his very own “Summer Holiday”. This week on Sunday Night, Sir Cliff invites Ross Coulthart into his beautiful home and teaches him a thing or two about winemaking. From poor beginnings, the lifelong bachelor shows no signs of slowing down in his seventies. With worldwide hits such as “Congratulations” and “Living Doll”, find out the truth behind the unforgettable songs.

They’re like any other Australian babies – except these twins have three mothers. One who sold her eggs, another who rented her womb, and then there’s the Australian mum who paid to take them home with her husband, who donated his sperm. It’s one of the most complex routes to parenthood imaginable, but more and more Australian couples are using overseas surrogates to sidestep surrogacy laws here. In this Sunday Night report by Tim Noonan, you will meet Plugger, a Melbourne father who always wanted sons to follow in his football footsteps. Now after handing over $36,000, he and his wife Tammy are bringing their twin baby boys home for a very emotional reunion. But there is a dark underbelly – a new form of human trafficking. Desperate women in Thailand forced to carry babies against their will. In some states in Australia you can be jailed for bringing a surrogate child home, while in others it is perfectly legal. See this very personal story, and make up your own mind.

Sunday, September 16 at 6.30pm on Seven.

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  1. Unfortunately the Cliff Richard interview will be fairly superficial I think. He doesn’t like to give much away and this will feel more like a friendly wander. Burning Man could wind up the same if its just more a visit to the event.

    Of the three, Surrogacy sounds the most in-depth and thought engaging and certainly a worthy topic.

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