Sunday Night: Sept 23

Sunday Night features an interview with Barry Gibb, plus former Maj. Gen. John Cantwell on post-traumatic stress after Afghanistan.

This weekend on Sunday Night there’s an interview with Barry Gibb, former Major General John Cantwell speaking about post-traumatic stress from Afghanistan and a story on David and Jackie Siegel’s Orlando mansion nicknamed “Versailles.”

Barry Gibb: The last Bee Gee
In a Sunday Night world exclusive, Bee Gees star Barry Gibb opens up to Rahni Sadler like never before in this deeply moving interview. It’s been four months since the tragic death of his brother Robin, and Barry reveals the pain over his loss, and his biggest regret. From growing up in Australia, to the magic that saw the Bee Gees sell more than 220 million records around the world, Barry talks about his success, the love of his life, and what he really thinks about Barbra Streisand. But the realisation of being the “last man standing” amongst his brothers finally hits home and the tears flow for the first time.

An Uncomfortable Truth
Two years ago, Major General John Cantwell was Australia’s toughest, battle-hardened soldier. He was in command of 1500 Australian troops in Afghanistan, with an exemplary 38 year military career. Today he is a broken man – but a man with extraordinary secrets he is now telling for the first time. In three terrible months in 2010, ten Australian diggers were killed under Cantwell’s command. It was the beginning of the end for one of our most decorated heroes. One moment he was favourite to be the new Chief of the Australian Army, weeks later he was curled up in a ball, sobbing on the floor. For twenty years he had hidden the crippling post-traumatic stress he was suffering. Now out of the army, Cantwell is speaking out, and it’s an uncomfortable truth he reveals to reporter Mark Ferguson. His opinion on the war on terror and bringing home our troops from Afghanistan will have major political ramifications.

Grand Designs: America’s Biggest House
Take a property tycoon, his former beauty queen wife, give them more money than sense, and see what they do with it. Meet the Siegel family – mum, dad and eight kids. They are building a new home – a palace which is bigger than the White House. It comes complete with 30 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, two bowling alleys, two swimming pools and a roller skating rink – even her wardrobe is big enough to have its own staircase. But even billionaires make bad decisions. Watch what happens when the wealth comes crumbling down. Join Alex Cullen for this incredible riches to rags story on Sunday Night.

6:30pm Sunday on Seven.

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