Sunday Night tops Sunday

Ratings:Viewers gravitated to public affairs shows last night with Sunday Night and 60 Minutes both topping the numbers.

Viewers gravitated to public affairs shows last night with Sunday Night and 60 Minutes both topping the numbers for Seven and Nine respectively.

Seven Network won with 31.5%, then Nine 27.7%, ABC 18.4%, TEN 17.3% and SBS 5.1%.

Sunday Night was #1 with 1.63m viewers for Seven then Seven News (1.39m), Border Security (1.24m), Air Ways (1.16m), Mrs. Brown’s Boys (1.04m / 877,000), Bones (380,000).

60 Minutes was again best for Nine with 1.39m viewers then House Husbands (1.22m), Nine News (1.08m), Big Brother (1.01m) and The Mentalist (669,000).

Call the Midwife (902,000) topped ABC1 followed by Great Southern Land (948,000), ABC News (917,000), Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (495,000) and Compass (400,000).

NCIS (704,000) was TEN’s best performer, then Modern Family (566,000 / 414,000), TEN News (495,000), Graham Norton (403,000), The Project (333,000), The Simpsons (323,000) and FIA Formula One (282,000 and 104,000 on ONE).

One SBS ONE it was Are We Still Evolving? (280,000), Mysterious Sunken Cities (255,000), World News Australia (245,000) and Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die (178,000).

Play School on ABC2 topped multichannels with 192,000.

Sunday 23 September 2012

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  1. Wow. Big night again for Sunday Night. The series is really good since it has come back from its break.

    Good to see Mrs Browns Boys finish on a highnote. The series is doing really well. Also i am surprised Seven are putting Ahn Do on in a couple of weeks when Border and Airways are doing well. Are they out of episodes already?

  2. @[email protected] – Whenever some “celebrity” appears in a one-on-one interview, expect the tag to be a concert tour, a book, a movie, a CD, a DVD, etc. Can’t remember the last one when there wasn’t a “what’s in it for me?” thread.
    Agree – let’s have a continuous interview without the clips-interruptions every 20 secs.

  3. Cynical of me, I know – but a few months ago Sunday Night played an interview with Elton John and a tour of Australia was announced… the other week there was an interview with Cliff Richard and a tour of Australia was announced… and during last night’s “interview” with Barry Gibb I jokingly said to my wife that there surely wasn’t an Australian tour with the ‘last man standing’ about to be announced…how wrong I was.

    By the way – we’d dearly love to see an interview broadcast that wasn’t edited and dressed for the MTV generation.

    Bring back Parky (or someone who can do a one-on-one and keep it interesting).

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