X Factor hits season high, I Will Survive beaten by SBS.

Ratings: Talent shows contrast as The X Factor hits a new high of 1.66m but I Will Survive is fifth in its slot behind SBS.

The X Factor hit a new high for 2012 last night as it rolled out big name stars in the final stages of selecting its final 12 acts. The show pulled 1.66m viewers, helping Seven to a big win for Tuesday.

By contrast, I Will Survive hit a new low: last in its slot on 336,000 and beaten by SBS. Both shows are produced by FremantleMedia.

Seven was 35.2% to Nine 23.0%, ABC 18.2%, TEN 17.7% and SBS 5.9%.

Other Seven brands were Seven News (1.2m), Winners and Losers (1.13m), Today Tonight (1.06m), Home and Away (999,000) and Deal or No Deal (475,000). Smash was down to 363,000 and 218,000.

Big Brother (1.07m) was Nine’s highest rating show then Nine News (1.06m), ACA (949,000), Big Bang (646,000), Hot Seat (527,000), Anger Management (483,000), Episodes (354,000) and The Bounty Hunter (236,000).

ABC News nudged 1.1m for the win with ABC1 then 7:30 (696,000), Qi (601,000), Rick Stein Tastes the Blues (581,000), Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand (499,000), Time Team (272,000), Artscape (217,000) and Lateline (174,000).

TEN News (643,000) was again best for TEN. NCIS was 604,000, Modern Family was 527,000, NCIS: LA was 441,000, The Project 6pm was 418,000, I Will Survive was 336,000 in fifth place. TEN Late News was 224,000.

Who Do You Think You Are? on SBS ONE bettered TEN’s talent quest with 349,000 viewers. Also for SBS were Insight (260,000), Dateline (158,000) and World News Australia (151,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 315,000.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

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  1. In regard to “Smash”, why would Channel 7 show a series already seen on Foxtel, promote it to death for six weeks and then stick it on in two hour slots between 9 50 and 11 50pm and expect people to watch? I really do believe someone needs to seriously sack most of the programmers.

  2. I know it’s easy to knock Tens management but some of the things they do are gobsmacking. They really need to act fast and get The Project back to 7PM. It did much better in this timeslot and was alternate viewing. Ten needs to get away from news between 6pm and 7pm and be alternate again. It sort of worked before. Start up a Facebook viewer page and ask for ideas. Call it 10 ideas for 10. They only need a couple of good ideas. I will get the ball rolling . What about a light entertainment show about social media at 6.30 PM. It could attract smartphone and computer companies as sponsors. Have smartphone giveaways etc.Outside the square but that is where the young people are at.

  3. @tomothyd – I made a comment about Smash’s ratings on the Tuesday ratings article. I was one (of many, apparently) that decided not to watch Smash last night because of its treatment by Seven. And seeing as it didn’t start until at least 9:50, I’m glad that I didn’t.

    It’s a great show and I will catch it elsewhere, not on Seven’s catch-up because they have the worst player. Every time it drops out (which it does a lot) you are forced to watch the first ad and the ad immediately prior to where you left off over and over again and again.

  4. Smash’s ratings reflect its treatment. They are now in double episodes and last night it started at 9.50pm according to my EPG. I don’t watch the show, but if I did it would not be on Seven. There are not many people who would stay up to 11.50pm to finish both eps in one night. TEN should move IWS to Saturdays at 6.30pm in place of these 20 year old movies they’ve been showing.

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