X-tra Factor finishes late but on top

Ratings: The X Factor runs overtime again but still tops the night, and I Will Survive hits a new low.

The X Factor topped the night once again 1.64m viewers in Preliminary figures. The live show ran overtime so that figure is expected to be adjusted ever so slightly to 1.63m.

A number of readers registered the late start for Smash in TV Tonight‘s new Late List as starting at 9:51pm. The Late List already has 84 entries since being launched on Sunday. First results will be published soon.

The night was easily won by the Seven Network on 36.3% then Nine 23.9%, ABC 18.6%, TEN 15.7% and SBS 5.4%.

The X Factor (now coded as X Factor Performance) was 1.64m in preliminary figures for Seven then Seven News (1.16m), Today Tonight (998,000), Home and Away (935,000), Smash (820,000 preliminary) and Deal or No Deal (519,000).

Nine News was best for Nine on 1.08m followed by Big Brother 1.00m, ACA (978,000), Big Bang (697,000), Hot Seat (535,000), Anger Management (468,000) and Episodes (281,000).

ABC News won its timeslot with 1.08m for ABC1 then 7:30 (742,000), Rick Stein’s Spain (632,000), Qi (619,000), Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand (552,000) and Artscape (291,000).

TEN News at Five (677,000) was best for TEN. Modern Family was 485,000, NCIS was 483,000, NCIS: LA was 456,000, The Project 6pm was 423,000 but I Will Survive was crushed on just 277,000 -fifth in its slot and it’s lowest figure so far.

Who Do You Think You Are? pulled 339,000 for SBS ONE then Insight on 234,000, World News Australia on 146,000 and Dateline on 137,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with 284,000.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

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  1. Smash is the best show on television. Always tape it with an extra hr so that I don’t miss the ending…..Channel 10 should get the Optimist Award for perservering with I Will Survive. This show is a dog…the “ever popular” host Sheridon Whatever should have stuck with Rafters….show business is so fickle…..

  2. @Jel
    Suits is back next week.

    Suits was not on this week because of the Brownlow Medal in Melbourne. Channel 7 decided to keep all their channels in sync so filled with a 2 part miniseries in the Northern States on 7, while showing the Brownlow’s on 73.

    235 for POI in Sydney and Brisbane is equivalent to just under 500k in 5 cities terms. It is a drop over 50% from it lead in from Underbelly. A few years ago it would have meant instant bumping, but these days Nine may settle for it. They have been settling for 400k from Episodes until new US became available and it was bumped.

  3. David – Do you know why 10 won’t move I Will Survive? It’s such a shame as it’s a great show & i’m sure more people would be watching if it wasn’t up against the juggernaut on the X-Factor.

  4. @ JohnW : If you don’t find young indigenous kids with a smile on their faces and their eyes lit up a ‘redeeming feature’, maybe you should be on something. Not to mention the beautiful Australian landscapes. My bet is you don’t even watch I Will Survive.

  5. I’m very happy with the numbers Smash got on Tuesday given such a late start at 9.51. next week it will go back to single eps because of Grey’s and I only hope the strong ratings continue as I love the show and there are at least 7 eps left to show. I’m praying 7 don’t dump it like they seem to have done with Suits. It was not shown on Monday. Anyone know what’s up with that? I’m also keen to see how the Season 1 Finale of Person of Interest does on nine next Mon as the all the states will see it. 235,000 for Bris and Sydney was pretty good for a 9.30 show.

  6. Firstly I couldnt think of anything worse than watching “Smash” on FTA with all those commercials and late starts. If you havent seen it on Foxtel, its out on DVD on Amazon next month.

    Re “I Will Survive”, TEN must now move it to any other night and others here are correct, the cut down version is a rushed joke and an insult to all the work that has gone into this flawed but essentially positive TV show. I agree moving it to Eleven and not cutting it is the way to go (I mean if Ten can justify four hours of the Emmys including all those red carpet interviews with people no one here has ever heard of, then a full length IWS should not be an issue)

  7. I Will Survive is a terrific show and last night was one of the best. They performed in a small mainly indigenous town and the little kids there absolutely loved them. It’s a shame this isn’t rating more. You know if it was on 7 it would be getting a million each week.

  8. Ten need to pull their finger out and axe IWS. No one is watching this tripe and it’s pulling down their entire night’s ratings. Tuesday used to be one of Ten’s highest rating nights and now they’re being smashed in 4th place.

    Replace it with new Glee or the new sitcom Ben and Kate, at least these shows would pull more than 277,000 viewers

  9. Come on ten wake up and realize that IWS is a dud or do you need a viewing audience of 0 to make you realize that but i do admire that you gave it a go but now you need to wake up realize its clearly a dud and get rid of it

  10. I’m not surprised to see IWS crash even further… after watching last week’s cut down version, it felt like watching a highlights package. It was so butchered compared to its original two hour format that if I wasn’t so interested in finding out who was going to win this contest, I wouldn’t bother watching anymore either. Such a waste of what was previously such a well packaged show.

    As always, it was silly programming that destroyed this show, not the programme itself. Why TEN didn’t just shift this to a Fri/Sat, ELEVEN, or cull it down to a 90 minute version and air it once a week somewhere is beyond me. The way it plays now makes this show just awful.

  11. I wonder how many weeks IWS has left? It’s clear they didn’t have a replacement for it it but with new shows launching next week they should be shifting this to make room for those which will attract much higher ratings, also allowing NCIS double to have stronger lead in. IWS should move to Fridays at 8:30 or ELEVEN on Saturday nights in place of the replays.

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