ABC Publicity shows how it’s done

In the game of television, and specifically television publicity, sometimes it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

But ABC publicity continues to upstage its rivals by producing quality materials for journalists for its premium shows including Jack Irish, Redfern Now, The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, A Moody Christmas, The Strange Calls and Figaro Pho.

All of these local productions are airing in the next few weeks.

And it doesn’t stop there. Telemovies Devil’s Dust and Dangerous Remedy are also poised to roll.

ABC has never had so many first run local dramas in such a short window.

But while most commercial Publicity departments send out an email Press Release for their new shows, or at best a DVD with a cover, ABC goes to the trouble of producing three-colour booklets with full cast biographies, photos, episode synopses and more.

That helps them stand out from the crowd when DVDs are abundant and you’re looking to get journos excited about your project.

The tangible touch makes all the difference.


  1. Hi David

    I hope you liked Nickelodeon’s recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles launch press kit, which included a glossy booklet with synopses and bios, fold-out Turtle heads with wearable Turtles masks, and a sewer-lid USB stick with press images and other electronic assets, all packaged in an NYC sewer-lid tin.

    I know there are still several other TV networks that continue to make the effort (and apply budget) to produce tangible press kits for launches they want to draw attention to – but I think that as with anything, sometimes if they’re frequent, it doesn’t seem special anymore.

    Having said, that it’s nice to see some appreciative feedback from a journo on press kits and the ABC certainly is known to do them well.

  2. How about the appalling poster design ABC publicity did for Crownies? Looked like a 1970’s Kolotex ad and completely misrepresented the show. Let’s hope the new series of Crownies doesn’t have the Blind Skanky Ho of Justice on the cover this time.

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