ABC1 Think Entertainment, or think new promos?

I quite like ABC1’s “Think Entertainment” promos but really, it’s probably time to invest in some new ones please Aunty.

After all it’s been a while since Adam Hills, Alan Brough and especially Lawrence Leung have appeared on a regular series.

Last time I saw Lawrence Leung it was on Nine in House Husbands. He hasn’t had an ABC series since mid-2011.

I asked ABC about other faces appearing in network IDs.

A spokesperson said, “We are constantly refreshing our Channel IDs as new shows come on screen. For example, we’ve recently run Richard Roxburgh IDs and are about to launch new IDs for A Moody Christmas. While we don’t throw out the older IDs, we do tend to play them less. This spot is played sporadically and we look forward to launching new ones as our new shows roll out over summer.”



  1. The ABC has some of the worst channel promos ever seen. When you’re promoting the art of moving image and photography through television, the promos should look nice too.

  2. I saw the Richard Roxburgh one just prior to Gruen Planet last night. I found it amusing 🙂 (Roxburgh reading a law book, then turns it sideways as if he’s looking at a Playboy centerfold).

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