Airdate: Big Brother’s Little Sister

Nine has now clarified details of its new Big Brother’s Little Sister¬†programme to screen tomorrow night.

“Little Sister” has been the name of the show’s online editorial on the official website and tomorrow night Nine screens a half hour edition from 8pm in which housemates will answer questions submitted by the public.

This follows BB already having a BB: Confidential edition which currently airs on Thursday nights.

As we enter the final weeks of the Big Brother competition, Big Brother’s Little Sister has commandeered the Diary Room for a new 30-minute program, Big Brother’s Little Sister: The Final Weeks, premiering 8pm this Wednesday on Channel Nine.

Big Brother may be the eyes of the House but Little Sister is the ears, and she’s asking viewers to submit their questions, which she will put directly to the Housemates.

No subject is off limits, from the serious: How did Zoe make it through her playground bullying? Why did Angie leave home at such a young age?

To the intriguing: Why did Michael live in the Middle East? What’s the deal with Sam’s obsession with owning a restaurant?

To the ridiculous: Would Layla prefer Tim-Tams or Sam? How did Stacey become obsessed with Nutella? And what’s with Estelle and the lavender?

This unique opportunity will allow viewers to get up close and very personal with their favourite Housemates and answers may help them decide who to vote the $250 000 winner of Big Brother 2012.

Questions can be submitted via Facebook,¬†Twitter @BBAU9 or email [email protected]

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