Airdate: Dangerous Remedy

Another locally-produced ABC telemovie is headed our way.

Dangerous Remedy is set in Melbourne in 1969 and based on the true story of a local doctor who uncovered an illegal abortion racket being condoned by the police.

It stars Jeremy Sims, Susie Porter, William McInnes, Maeve Dermody, Peter O’Brien and Gary Sweet and is written by Kris Wyld, Directed by Ken Cameron, and Produced by Ned Lander.

The ABC telemovie event Dangerous Remedy tells the fascinating story of Dr Bertram Wainer. Living and working in Melbourne in the 1960s, Dr Wainer put his life at risk to expose police corruption in an effort to change the law on abortion and put an end to the illegal operations that were killing young women.

Melbourne 1969, Dr Bertram Wainer (Jeremy Sims) is an ordinary citizen who finds himself in an extraordinary situation where his life and those of the people around him are threatened when he tries to change the status quo.

When Dr Wainer is called out to tend to the daughter of old friends who is dying as a result of a backyard abortion, performed in filthy conditions, he is angry. This should not have happened. He vows to take a stand against the forces that allow this dangerous industry to thrive. The law must be changed to allow access to safe abortion, but can one man make a difference?

Before long, the irreverent and mischievous, Dr Wainer finds himself in the dark and murky world of criminals, backyard abortionists, nervous doctors who perform abortions safely but illegally and desperate women. Making matters worse, he uncovers a secret system of graft extending into the Melbourne police force. The elite Homicide Division, authorised to crack down on abortions, actually runs the racket.

It’s not long before corrupt police and criminals want Dr Wainer dead. Starring Jeremy Sims, Susie Porter, William McInnes, Maeve Dermody, Peter O’Brien and Gary Sweet, Dangerous Remedy is an intelligent thriller with danger, suspense, complex characters, contradictions and romance.

8:30pm Sunday November 4th.

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