Airdate: MegaTruckers

When the A&E channel launched earlier this year it screened a MegaTruckers special and now the series premieres next month.

Cordell Jigsaw has filmed this as an 8x30min profiling Jon Kelly and the fleet at his Brissy-based trucking company Heavy Haulage Australia.

In the big country, blue-collar Aussie hero Jon Kelly and his team of heavy haulage drivers specialize in moving the biggest loads you will ever see on the road to places no-one thought they can get them to.

Jon has built Heavy Haulage Australia from a one-truck operation to a 25-strong fleet of the best-looking trucks in Australia in just over ten years. Incredibly he’s still only 32 years old.

What’s more, Jon has a reputation for taking on the hardest jobs in the business. If they say it can’t be done it’s like a red rag to a bull – he’ll do everything he can to take it on and make it happen.

Jon has a reputation for being a hard-taskmaster. He tells it how it is and isn’t afraid to let rip if anyone doesn’t meet his high standards:

“Work for me, do a good job and you’ve got a job for life. But god help you if you don’t listen to me and something goes wrong …”

With big characters, big stakes and even bigger loads, MegaTruckers will be must-see TV for every action-reality fan.

Monday, November 12, 7.30pm (AEDT) on A&E.


  1. As much as we like watching them over again we would like to see you make a new series with the mega truckies matter of fact one had a crash a couple of days ago trying to avoid hitting on coming traffic who would not give way to the big load & put the truck on its side because of it, the driver is ok but the truck & trailer with the load were not & I bet you didn’t film that hey. Get your act together & film mega truckers for it just may help all wide load truckers to avoid putting their load on its side because a stupid driver does not want to follow directions to avoid the wide loads that travel our roads. Come on lets see a new series of Mega Truckers David Knox for you can spread the word big time that we want a new series, thanks.

  2. Shazz saids they are only truckies !
    Well my question to you is have you driven a rig with a wide load on it before ?? If the answer is no then we know why you made that comment. Yes my friend I have driven them as well as escorting them & I am a female too. I know what is needed of a driver to haul these rigs standard or over size. Hero’s is not the correct word for these drives (Male & Female) but it’s close for if only car uses were as watchfull as these drivers were all the time with their loads there would be less smashes on the roads.
    Ruddeger hi, yes I would have to agree it looks great & it’s about time our truckies got a better wrap then being blamed for causing the problems on the roads & with the team of HHA, I & my carer are looking forward to more shows & maybe they might just make it a HR show instead of 30mins.

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