Axed: Australia’s Got Talent

Seven has axed plans for Australia’s Got Talent for 2013.

The move comes just two weeks after the show was announced as part of Seven’s line-up for next year.

Seven is citing costs and disappointing ratings as the key reasons behind the axe.

The series had six seasons with Seven with host Grant Denyer and Dannii Minogue. Other judges have included Kyle Sandilands, Brian McFadden, Red Symons and Tom Burlinson.

Last year its rating went through the roof, surging past the 2m mark. But this year against The Voice the show struggled to resonate, despite having talented acts.

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight a budget had been put aside for a 2013 series but rising costs meant the show was no longer practical and those funds would be divested into other development.

Seven is also understood to be very keen on another new format.

Update: Nine has since signed AGT for 2013.


  1. Secret Squirrel

    @snoopy888 – yes, I find fans of Ben and Kate to be annoying, too.

    And I wouldn’t hold my breath about Seven starting their 8:30 program on time either. They couldn’t manage it yesterday and they have something in the pipeline to replace AGT, anyway.

  2. In a good way it means the 8:30pm shows on the nights AGT comes on actually will finally start on time.But does it mean They will use more more How I met your Mother as filler on the nights no reality tv exists is unknown.

    I hope X factor gets the chop next It killed Ben and Kate and all the other offerings off for good to the chagrin of many annoying fans who believe It wasn’t given a fair chance.

  3. LOL!!! Best news I’ve heard on any blog all week!! 12 weeks back I went along to a panel discussion with average everyday people about how to improve Australia’s Got Talent for next season. I said get rid of all the judges…especially Dannii Minogue who “badly overacts” the excitement of seeing good talent. Then I thoiught about it again and I said: “on second thought it can’t be saved…just axe the damn show”….seems I was right…

  4. it’s strange how channel 9 are the ones with the financial problems yet they swoop in to pick up the rights to AGT a show channel 7 can’t afford to produce anymore.

  5. Seven are bloody morons if you ask me. Sevens loss will be Nines gain there is no doubt about that. IMO DWTS should have been axed not this. Seven will probably banging their heads on the wall and going what the hell have we done right about now i think.

  6. David, I can’t believe what I just read. Channel Nine has just purchased the format rights for Australia’s Got Talent?

  7. Never seen the appeal with this show.

    I don’t think Seven will consistently see 1.4.- 1.6 mil for The X-Factor next year unless they make a judging change.

    Even now it’s feeling a bit stale. Something tells me Guy or Mel B won’t be back for next year. Dannii would be great on The X-Factor AU. She was a hit on The X-Factor UK.

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