Bumped: Family Guy, Celebrity Juice. Gone: Whiitney

Family Guy is switching channels from 7mate to Seven.

Heads up fans of Family Guy, the show is switching channels.

It moves from 7mate to Seven this Thursday night at 10:15pm with a new episode.

“Tea Party.”
After Quahog City Hall threatens to shut down Peters illegally-run business, Peter joins the Tea Party and successfully campaigns to shut down the government. As a result of all the chaos in Quahog, Peters father-in-law, Carter, reaps the benefits.

UK series Celebrity Juice moves to 10:45pm but Whitney is out. Let the tears flow…

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  1. I’m surprised Family Guy has lasted as long as it has on 7mate, when the channel launched they had plenty of comedies, some new. like its always Sunny, and repeated from the start 30 Rock and Parks and Rec.

    there’s plenty of shows that could be on 7mate in prime time but are played on late at night on 7. like Strikeback and Covert Affairs for example, they would be suited to 7mate.

    but for some reason, no new drama or comedy on 7mate and everything else that’s not totally reality related is squeezed into 7’s weekly schedule. Go, Gem and One are lacking in new content too.

    It’s a shame, they have these channels and don’t use them to their full potential. It’s like they just have some sort of tick, that all new shows must be on channels with numbers in them – 7,9,10,11. why can’t these new channels ever have all new drama and comedies instead of reality overload, which is fine.. I like Hardcore Pawn and stuff but its putting me off free to air more and more. Maybe it’s slowing down being the end of the year and all but it better get better before it gets worse.

    End rant!

  2. I hope this is just for the rest of the season and that next season it moves back to 7mate and starts in February because it will not start in February on the main channel. 🙁

  3. @Qubec

    The new episode dilemma is pretty easy to solve if you use the FTA EPG. All new episodes of both shows have the suffix “- New Episode”. Autosched on my Topfield is set to only grab ones with the suffix “- New” as a partial match 😉

    Unfortunately, the episode they’re airing on 7 this Thursday is not marked as a new episode, one can only wonder why. Even the Tivo/Ice EPG from HWW isn’t showing it as a new episode, though we know it is (well, to the best of our knowledge). Being 7, I expect the EPG to only be made accurate about an hour from broadcast time.

  4. It’s a Joke.If It was up to me I would have 7 axe Home and Away for good and put on a Nightly weeknights 7pm Family Guy instead.They put it on so late when most of us have school or work the following day.

  5. 7mate was scrolling a message about it all Monday night. There’s something not quite right when the scroll has to specify “Not Mate, Seven! The red one!”

    Meanwhile, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia languishes at midnight (though it’ll probably start much later). That’s a show that would fit much better in an earlier time slot on 7mate.

  6. Dumping Parks and Recreation is a typical inconsiderate decision by one of the networks. Why bother dumping a show mid season that they have already relegated to 11.30pm anyway? All the while showing rubbish like 50 Plastic Surgery Shockers at 9.30pm which was so old that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were still together.

    It really is typical of the attitude of the networks to its viewers. Remember a few weeks ago when the programming bloke from 9 admitted on this website that they deliberately start shows late to get a competitive advantage. Think about that for a moment….. they deliberately inconvenience the viewer by making the show finish late and make it difficult to watch another program. No qualms about it. Classy.

  7. I gave up watching Family Guy and American Dad in 7Mate. They show so many episodes of these shows it’s hard to discern when new episodes are playing and when old episodes are playing. Often they’d show a bunch of old episodes, the new ones and then more old ones. I could never be bothered going through each episode synopsis to figure out which was which.

  8. Parks and recreation is out of seven schedule tonight without any notice. Do they really have to make changes to shows that late at night. The change cannot be a chase for ratings and just annoys viewers who have watched it every week.

  9. This change (Family Guy) makes no sense whatsoever. The new episodes of American Dad are still on 7mate on Monday night and there’s still a string of both shows on 7mate on Monday night.

    It’s as if 7 are deliberately making fans of the series “work for it”.

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