Grey’s Anatomy, Smash update.

Seven has amended its schedule for next Tuesday night, due to Grey’s Anatomy not airing in the US.

As a result it is also withholding Smash for next week.

In its place is 50 Greatest Plastic Surgery Shockers.
See fifty jaw-dropping tales of infamous plastic surgery victims, from the gargantuan chest of Lolo Ferrari to the grotesquely cat-like
features of Jocelyn Wildenstein. See also the exploding lips of Pete Burns and decide whether Megan Fox has gone under the knife or

9:40pm Tuesday October 16th.

Both Grey’s Anatomy and Smash return on October 23rd.


  1. I think Smash is one of the best shows on television. My family and I love the show. It would have been nice of Channel 7 to show a double episode of Smash if Greys was delayed. Why can’t we see shows first anyway. Doctor Who has been aired by ABC TV before BBC previously. We can be trail blazers!!

  2. Don’t think they have decided if this is the last season of Grey’s just yet.

    I liked the way the eps were shown. Mark’s death and Arizona’s surgery wouldn’t have had the same impact otherwise.

  3. lulu – It is not Christina’s partner it is her husband. I frown upon the incorrect terminology.

    It is rather disconcerting that 7 decided not to fasttrack the latest season of Private Practice as well as I would have thought that what happened to Mark would resonate with some of the main Private Practice characters. I mean it will be a distant memory by the time 7 gets around to it.

  4. @ shelley, the bit that made the least sense was (sorry, new-ish character names in Grey haven’t stuck) when the new Chief (Christina’s partner) got the girl back from the farm (the one that failed her exams). That was written poorly. I do agree though in regards to Arizona, that’s the only part of the first episode that made sense or was well written. The rest of it seemed like we had missed the first part of the episode. Oh well, good thing this is the last season.

  5. @ harrypotter1994, StephenVic thanks for your input. Last week I actually thought my recorder missed the first 10 minutes when I started watching it until I saw the opening credits come up. Truly a bizarre move. If it was intentional by Grey’s I think it flopped. Still convinced 7 hit the wrong button.

    David, do you know anything about this? Curious to figure out what happened.

  6. I didn’t mind the way it played out. It made it more of a shock about what happened to Arizona in the first ep. And you had no idea Christina, who was the pillar of strength after the crash, had completely fallen apart until you saw the second ep. The only confusing bit was keeping up with three different timeline periods over the space of 2 eps.

  7. harrypotter1994

    @lulu thats all Greys idea….does seem strange i reckon….I found out in TV week that they were going to do this.

    Then when my mum watched the 1st ep she thought she had missed an ep so it was poorly done by the scriptwriters

  8. Question to those who have seen the first two episoes of Grey’s Anatomy – Did you think the first two episodes were shown out of order by 7? The episode last week made no sense, because things seemed to have moved on and their was no “what happened next after the crash”. Last night on the other hand, had people that died still alive, and what happened after the crash explained. Either this was a terrible scripting decision by Grey’s, or 7 fudged it. A little clarification would be nice.

  9. Yes. Fair enough. No show – Can’t be screened.

    Following the US schedule

    Let’s see if they still follow the schedule through to completion of the season.

  10. Ah the miracle of having US networks programme your Australian TV stations.

    That Smash is not on because Grey’s is not on is interesting spin. Since Grey’s isn’t on surely the logical decision would be to screen a double episode of the highly promoted Smash at 9.45pm (well some random time between 9:30 and 10pm that isn’t listed anywhere anyway).

    Smash isn’t on not because Grey’s isn’t on but because would rate less than some shocker about plastic surgery and Channel 7 don’t want to finish showing Smash S1 before Soho start S2 to avoid boosting Soho’s audience for them.

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