Joe Hockey sleeps in a Bart Simpson bed -who knew?

Joe Hockey’s secret is out.

The Shadow Treasurer for Australia sleeps in a bed with a Bart Simpson pillow and doona.

“It was on special,” he sheepishly tells ABC’s Annabel Crabb in tomorrow night’s Kitchen Cabinet series.

“Look, I didn’t think I would be showing Australia my bedroom…

“I can see all The Simpsons jokes coming.”

Hockey shows Crabb around the Canberra house he once shared with Ross Cameron, Bob Baldwin and most famously, Brendan Nelson who whilst Liberal Leader, lived in the back shed.

Yes folks, only in Australia could you find politicians living in such “humble” digs.

There’s even a bit of Lenin hanging on the walls.

And let’s not talk about Hockey’s culinary skills. A few snags on the barbie, some tomatos, lettuce and white bread…. Seriously?

Must see TV 9:30pm Wednesday on ABC2.


  1. cynical old codger

    Just Love Annabel Crabb!…. But I now Detest Hockey, where the Final Straw for me, was his absolutely hypocritical Parliamentary Crying Performance during the recent ‘Legal’ Refugee Debate,(and replayed over and over and over and…ov….on all networks)…Shame the very same networks didn’t choose to replay Hockey’s Pre-debate Interview on Seven” s Sunrise programme, Only 2 days “Before” this exact same debate, where He Stated, he would Not support the Malaysia Option because it Did Not include enough Disincentives “Such As” Sending Women and Children Back As Well, only this time Without Any Hypocritical Tears???…
    Annabel was in one of her favorite stamping grounds, ‘The Drum(news 24)’ the other night and gave a preview of Annabel’s Kitchen Cabinet visit to the Hockey Kitchen….
    She did say On The Drum, among many other tit bits, that she thought there been a fair bit of a clean up prior to her visit, so I wonder if that is when the Bart Simpson pillowcase surfaced?
    But there is much more that I enjoy about her Kitchen Cabinet visits, and that is to see so many trying to put a different spin on their persona, and living up to my Pen Name, I’ve picked up on several obvious contradictions and I tuck them away for future Laughs.

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