MasterChef: The Professionals vs My Kitchen Rules?

MasterChef: The Professionals will kick off TEN's 2013 ratings year -potentially against MKR on Seven.

TEN has confirmed MasterChef: The Professionals will kick off its 2013 ratings year.

News Limited reports chef Marco Pierre White arrives in Australia within a fortnight and filming will commence at Melbourne Showgrounds kitchen later in November.

The spin-off, co-hosted with Matt Preston, sees 18 professional chefs against one another.

If it involves more than one episode a week the series could even go head to head with Seven’s My Kitchen Rules, particularly now that The Project will return to 6:30-7:30pm. That allows Nine some free airspace as the sole Reality show to begin at 7pm -a “free kick” as it were.

The show could also be paired with The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation.

A standard MasterChef season will also air later in 2013.

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  1. Was not keen on My Kitchen Rules when it first premiered, because of my loyalty to Masterchef, but it’s easily now one of my favourite TV shows.

    MasterChef: The Professionals should definitely not air more than twice a week. A Sunday and a Monday show is surely sufficient. TEN made their biggest mistake by commissioning Celebrity Masterchef and Junior Masterchef. They’ve significantly reduced the shelf life of the brand.

  2. I really hope channel ten can lift there game and get back to being the great network they were before they launched 11. I’m hoping for some big things in Neighbours next year and some new characters.

    Channel ten also needs to launch a program in between breakfast and the project, maybe a slight mixture of the both to help get the ratings for both shows. plus a lunch time news/entertainment program would be great, considering there hasn’t been any since Midday came to an end in 98.

  3. Would they seriously pit both these cooking shows against each other? That just confirms their stupidity.

    I’m a Masterchef fan, but I think MKR would win hands down, even though the shows would be chalk and cheese – rank amateurs against the pros.

  4. I think its a mistake to have Mpw as a host..he’s as unlikable as Gordon Ramsay.Do these two,along with pretty well every other chef from the Uk figure they invented cooking?They are arrogant,and of course,everything is the best.British pork is the best..they got the best mussels,oysters,beef,mustard…you name it,if it comes from Uk,it’s the best in the world.Every dessert is a pudding..cakes,mousses ..doesn’t matter..call it a pudding.Actually,reviewing my rant here,maybe it’s not Marco Pierre i dislike but every British cooking show in general..lol

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