Monday hits the X spot

The X Factor took an easy win for Seven on Monday night with 1.42m viewers, while TEN’s victory on Sunday night proved to be a short-lived victory.

Seven Network was 33.5% then Nine 26.7%, ABC 19.6%, TEN 16.3% and SBS 4.0%.

The X Factor Performance was 1.42m for Seven followed by Seven News (1.03m), Today Tonight (1.03m), Home and Away (1.00m), Deal or No Deal (553,000), GCB (539,000) and The Amazing Race (323,000).

Nine News (1.04m) was the only show over a million for Nine. Others were ACA (993,000), Big Brother (920,000), The Mentalist (736,000), Hot Seat (530,000), Person of Interest (507,000) and CSI: NY (202,000).

ABC News won its timeslot for ABC1  on 1.03m then Australian Story (876,000), 7:30 (784,000), Q & A (684,000), Media Watch (681,000) and Four Corners (560,000).

TEN News (687,000) was best for TEN. Modern Family was 600,000, Can of Worms was 572,000, The Project 6pm was 475,000, New Girl was 439,000, Ben and Kate was 338,000 and Hawaii Five-0 was 337,000.

Mythbusters topped SBS ONE with 237,00 then Derren Brown: The Experiments (185,000), World News Australia (142,000) and Black Mirror (105,000).

Heartbeat led multichannels with 320,000.

Sunrise: 361,000
Today: 345,000
ABC News Breakfast:  36,000 / 25,000
Breakfast: 42,000

Monday 8 October 2012


  1. I’ll admit I would of been tempted to watch Black Mirror and the show with Stephen Fry but they put it against the final episodes of Dollhouse. Although I look forward to the Red Baron tonight on SBS2 at 8.30pm. Finally something to watch!

  2. @The Mentalist
    I think people are just getting tired of The Mentalist. This episode actually rated more than the final eps of last season.

    That was the second worst episode I have seen. Very lazy writing, acting and directing. Polly Walker was terribly miscast as a bossy FBI agent. For a season opener with the show runner’s name on it it was not a good omen that it will improve.

    It is kind embarrassing that Suits and POI are so much better than any drama on earlier in the evening.

  3. David probably doesn’t mean for these posts to evolve into amateur film criticism,but I have to have one more go at Black Mirror.I do get it’s not about a man and a [email protected] squirrel.What lost me however,and it’s central to this story ,was the notion that the pm would feel compelled through massive public opinion to accede to this abductor’s perverse demand.Really?don’t think you could persuade the public that it might not be the best idea to bargain with a lunatic who could come up with this scheme..that the guy might be a bit untrustworthy,even if you acquiesced.Better get this govt.another pr department then.So the episode hinges on this contrivance.The truth is governments can make us believe almost anything..see wmds and Iraq..and that is a far greater peril,and might make a more significant target for scrutiny and satire than the inane world of twitter and youtube.Having said that it got us talking,and I too will watch again.

  4. @Black Mirror
    The threat to assassinate the PM and his family with the Queen’s backing was over the top and not believable. There are better ways that a threat could have been written.

    But other than that it was well written and excellent satire on today’s politics, media and social media.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Yeah, I thought Black Mirror was quite good. For those that don’t get it, it wasn’t about a man and a pig (and, you know, you don’t actually get to see it) – that was a placeholder for any act of public humiliation.

    It was a comment on society which David has already summed up perfectly. It wasn’t voyeuristic but it was about voyeurism (in part).

    I’ll be back next week

  6. Glad I stumbled onto ‘The Experiments’ after Mythbusters – even if you don’t buy the power of hypnotic suggestion, it’s still a pretty entertaining program.

    (and probably would have rated even higher if it had been promoted as ‘The Assassination of Stephen Fry’! The QI audience would have been all over it…)

  7. I was mesmerised by Black Mirror, kept thinking I would turn it off because the idea was revolting, but it really did make the point about social media.

  8. Poor TAR the timeslot didn’t help. I had to record it as it finished too late. I just wish that Seven would repeat it on the weekend on a regular basis.

  9. I’m glad Black Mirror flopped. The first episode’s synopsis sounded f***ing disgusting.

    The X Factor wasn’t that good last night – I caught the performances online (without having to sit through 90 minutes of filler and ads). I reckon there’s a few strong contenders like Bella but most of the contestants are more “miss” than “hit”. I do like Carmelo though and hope he improves as the weeks go by.

    The Mentalist’s ratings have taken a hit – it has dropped a lot in the US as well

    • It pushed the boundaries yes, and it was meant to provoke. But it’s a satire on the state of society, technology, social media, politics and more…. No point in having safe satires. Fair enough if it’s not your cup of tea. I think there are far more offensive real world shows on TV than Black Mirror’s fiction.

  10. HardcorePrawn

    I agree David, Black Mirror was excellent (a few plot holes notwithstanding) and incredibly thought-provoking; the fact that Hot Seat on Nine got 5 times as many viewers is a little soul-destroying!

  11. I found Ben and Kate laugh out loud funny. Really enjoyed it however found new girl hard to sit through to get to it. But ten very much thrown to wolves against x factor

  12. Well I’ll give Black Mirror pretty good marks for production values.I guess the beginning premise of the pig precluded any logical plot development.I’ll keep watching..hoping for better.I seem to recall,a poster who’d seen the series already, rated episode 1 as the weakest of the 3.

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