Nine “excited” about new-look Australia’s Got Talent

"We are excited to be adding it to our schedule for 2013 and beyond," Nine confirms.

Nine has confirmed it has acquired Australia’s Got Talent for 2013 after Seven walked away from the show yesterday, and is already discussing new judges.

“The Got Talent brand is without doubt one of the world’s biggest entertainment programs right now and we are excited to be adding it to our schedule for 2013 and beyond,” said Nine’s Head of Television Michael Healy today.

A statement from Nine says a ‘new look Australia’s Got Talent on Nine will have a fresh and fun approach to the production, new hosts and judges and a broader base of exciting talent to bring to the Australian audience. The global success of Got Talent has seen the format top the ratings in Britain- where the finale was watched by a massive 13.8 million, the US, New Zealand and scores of other territories around the world.’

“We are already in discussions with a number of exciting judges to bring to the panel and have begun series planning with FremantleMedia on expanding and focusing the search for Australia’s most talented acts to showcase to our audience,” said Healy.

Nine is expected to launch the series on the second half of 2013, with The Voice in the first half of the year.

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  1. In keeping with Nines endemic behavior of late I was expecting it to run AGT up against The Voice and let them both fight it out alternating late start times on the second string channels,while this may sound like the ramblings of a mad man……sorry they are calling me again…..Yes Mister Gyngell another fine purchase…no Sir you didn’t pay to much,who Da’ man.

  2. @[email protected] Whats your vintage, if its OK to ask please?, mine is 1941

    @David Knox. Sorry David I did try to be succinct.

    Wow “Terry Dear” now that’s a blast from the past, How about Harry Dearth, Dick Fair. Bob and Dolly Dyer and Jack Davey and Roy Rene(Mo) as well just to name a few and we mixed with them all, you sure have bought back many happy memories for me, my brother Rod was 4 years older than I (unfortunately now deceased for sometime now (thanx to the curse of cigarettes! )….
    Rod(Rodney) played the Piano Accordion( the youngest (10/14???) in Australia to play a Full size 120 key accordion, often standing on a stool to reach the microphone set at its lowest ) and was a finalist and runner up in one of the ‘ Australia’s Amature Hour ‘ series, I’ve been wracking my brain, but unfortunately I can’t recall exact dates etc off the top of my head just now, only to say that it was during the war years between the 40’s and 50’s. His signature and most demanding musical piece, was “The Flight Of The Bumble Bee”( similar intensity as “Caravan” being played on the drums) he was a sight to be seen and heard, and never missing a note whilst he himself was playing it in full flight.
    Unfortunately the Amature Hour was also very Formal and a bit Straight Laced, and we knew he could Never Win a final as such, because the accordion was classed as two musical instruments and did not fit the exacting criteria in those days.
    My only musical claim to fame, was that I was probably the youngest version of a ‘Roadie’ around at that time…. In those days voting was done by phone( taken by a bevy of girls on a large manual exchange and postal votes, and votes could number in their thousands, and involved us walking many miles, going door to door vote gathering votes, then posting in as cheaper Bulk Mail.

  3. I think there’s always room for a quality talent show. There are so many talented people in this country that deserve some recognition. Forget showing the time-wasting clowns. Just quality talent, with an arena like the voice and perhaps 2 nights per week. Not too many singers and likeable judges/host. Should rate well.

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