Nine News wins Thursday

Ratings: Nine pipped Seven by just 0.1% with its Sydney and Melbourne News bulletins leading the charge.

Thursday was another low rating night but Nine pipped Seven by just 0.1% with its Sydney and Melbourne News bulletins leading the charge.

Nine Network was 27.9%, then Seven 27.8%, TEN 20.7%, ABC 18.2% and SBS 5.4%.

Nine News was 1.11m for Nine followed by ACA (1.01m), Big Brother (932,000), Big Brother Confidential (832,000), AFP (583,000), Hot Seat (560,000), Inside (490,000) and Australian Families of Crime (292,000).

Seven News was 1.02m for Seven followed by Today Tonight (874,000), Home and Away (857,000), Beauty and the Geek Australia (852,000), Brynne: My Bedazzled Life (809,000), How I Met Your Mother (632,000), The Unbelievable Truth (568,000), Deal or No Deal (431,000). Celebrity Juice was just 197,000.

TEN News (632,000) was best for TEN. Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals was 618,000 / 513,000, Law and Order: SVU was 617,000 / 501,000, Modern Family was 531,000 and The Project 6pm was 388,000.

ABC News (977,000) topped ABC1 then Rake (802,000), 7:30 (775,000), Catalyst (761,000), Lowdown (389,000) and Rivers with Griff Rhys Jones (196,000).

On SBS ONE Gourmet Farmer was 249,000 followed by Destination Flavour (246,000), Two Greedy Italians … Still Hungry (232,000), One Born Every Minute (222,000) and World News Australia (170,000).

Big Bang led multichannels with a big 395,000.

The Morning Show: 162,000
Mornings: 129,000
The Talk: 25,000

Thursday 11 October 2012

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  1. The Unbelievable Truth was terrible, I tried watching it on Plus7 but closed the window after 7 minutes. Horribly unfunny and ridiculous premise. The editing was horrible and the guests kept talking over the top of each other trying to say the most clever ‘joke’. The punchline was none of it was funny.

    This coming from a big fan of The Chaser who has seen every episode of CNNNN, the War on Everything, the Hamster Wheel, and also attended their live comedy show in 2010…this show will not make it to a second season.

  2. Nine News in Perth has pretty much been in the doldrums ever since it was owned by Sunraysia.

    With the TV environment shifting such that everything is centralised over east, the fact that 7 still has a few local productions and other events it sponsors (Telethon etc) gives it a leg up over NEW, STW and ABW, all of which are pretty much relay stations with news departments now.

    As far as being able to tell it’s WIN owned, aside from the occasional MediaHub stuff up, the news also says “Nine Perth is part of the WIN Network” or words to that effect, at the end.

  3. @Hoin – if you lived in Perth and just went by what you saw on the TV, you wouldn’t know WIN existed.

    It’s been over a decade since I was in Adelaide *and* watched anything on Nine whilst there, but it was the same back then.

  4. David: You say that WIN owns Channel Nine in Perth and Adelaide. Do they identify themselves on air in those cities as WIN or Nine, ie: Do they use the Nine (balls) logo or the WIN (Aust map) logo?

    Just want to know. I’m in Canberra and WIN here are almost fanatical about not showing the Nine logo.

  5. @nicks – There’s a very interesting, and very long article at watvhistory.com/wp/pdf/Chapter_Eight.pdf
    STW9 News used to do better than TVW7 news on a consistent basis – with ratings such as –
    7 STW9 News 163,000
    8 TVW7 Number 96 158,000
    9 TVW7 W.W. of Disney. 154,000
    10 TVW7 News 146,000
    – then things changed and STW9 News has been at the bottom of the pack for a very long time now.
    It’s not that 9 never ever beat 7 in News in Perth. They did, for quite a while. One Upon a Time.

  6. hmm…Win huh?Something else I didn’t know.I’ll do some googling before posting on this again.I’m relatively a newcomer to Australia…if that can excuse the naivety of some of my questions..so thanks again for not making me out as a complete idiot for asking them.

  7. @nicks – True. NEW10 was last on the scene in Perth and its 5pm News consistently has more viewers than Nine News. STW9 opened in 1965 – 47 years ago. One would think that by now Nine may have made some advance on Seven News – in 47 years?!
    @jonno – Ditto, but ABC24 has me now. Kerry Stokes’ phone call to Alan Jones (or Jones to Stokes) was shameful.

  8. Ok..thx David.Didn’t know about live local vs delayed..that explains Aca and TT.As for other programming I guess if there was an easy way to break Seven’s dominance thru ‘historic community ties’ Nine would go about it.Just surprised that in these days of flux and change,how staunch and unwavering that allegiance to Seven is.I wonder(once they get their finances in order),if maybe going after Afl rights might help them in those markets,or have they tried that already?

  9. Having been a 7 News viewer for 30 odd years i was disgusted with Alan Jones back on Sunrise.
    I think it is because Kerry Stokes needs a voice as he is connected to the W.A mining boom with his Caterpillar business supplying equipment to the mines. I am now a Nine News viewer. If Seven keeps going right wing they will lose many more.

  10. Melbourne’s Aca audience nearly double TT’s..Perth’s TT audience more than double Aca’s.One day I’m gonna figure out what drives these regional disparities,especially in regards to Perth and Adelaide avoiding Nine in droves.One poster told me Seven established in Perth years before Nine..but surely that’s no longer salient.

  11. The Unbelievable Truth was good fun and I would have loved to be in the audience. Too bad Seven ruined the process by over-editing everything to suit time constraints.

    We barely even met the guests before Julian was off and going with his story. Likewise the panellists had some funny interjections during the stories but were cut off way too quickly.

    Could be good, Seven just need to edit it better (use Good News Week as an example to follow from).

  12. It will be interesting to see if TUT survives, next week may be crucial. The 9.30 panel show on a Thu night is an institution in Melb, albeit in the form of The Footy Show (AFL), so there is a gap in the market at the moment….we’ll see

  13. TUT did ok and scored 4th in a couple of the demos. This is one of those shows that ch7 should stick with and refine the production a little. Get some of the participants to calm down a little….still its comm fta, so will probably get shafted

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