Pay TV invests $667m in Australian content

TV Tonight was at Parliament House, Canberra, today as ASTRA announced a $667m investment in Australian content for 2011-12.

Key representatives from Subscription TV industry gathered at Parliament House this morning for the announcement that ASTRA has invested $667m in Australian content in 2011-2012, an increase of 13% from financial year 2010–11.

TV Tonight was at Parliament House in Canberra today as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy delivered opening remarks before SKY News presenter Helen Dalley hosted a panel discussion featuring Des Monaghan (Screentime), Brian Walsh (Foxtel), Penny Chapman (Matchbox Pictures) and John McAvoy (Eyeworks Australia).

Announcing the results of the latest Australian Content Investment and Employment Survey in the STV sector was ASTRA Chairman, Steve Bracks.

STV industry employed 6,461 people in 2011–12 with 4,657 staff employed directly by ASTRA members in salaried, part time or contract positions, with women comprising 44% of the workforce.

ASTRA also presented Deloitte Access Economics estimates which place the overall direct contribution made by STV to the Australian economy at $1.4 billion in 2011–12.

ASTRA CEO, Petra Buchanan said, “The 13% increase in investment in Australian production indicates that in an increasingly dynamic technology, media and broadcast environment, consumers still desire local content.

“These numbers and recent advances made by the sector demonstrate the ability of STV to adapt and lead the way in managing changing consumer demand and content consumption habits by offering greater choice and convenience, STV continues advocate for pro-investment, pro-innovation and ultimately, pro-consumer policy settings.”

ASTRA highlighted its exports including Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet, Grand Designs Australia, Camp Orange, Kings Cross ER, Killing Time, Australia’s Great Flood and more, sold to countries such as Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Eastern Europe, Holland, South Africa, Spain, and in Asia.

Light entertainment was the most popular genre followed by sport and children’s programming. Highest rated programs include Live: Australia’s Next Top Model, Selling Houses Australia, Christmas Lights Spectacular, Grand Designs Australia and Rove LA.

Estimated viewing share by genre for subscription television:
Light Entertainment 22%
Sport 16%
Children 13%
Documentary 12%
Lifestyle 10%
Movies 9%
Drama 9%
News/Current affairs 3%
Other 3%
Music 3%

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  1. Another slick event from ASTRA. Announcing local content results at Parliament House shows you how important they think it is politically.

    David did they give you a press pack or anything containing a break down of the spend?

    Would be interesting to see how much of it was sport.

    1. 9% viewing Drama channels, that’s partly because channels like Showtime are not basic tier. I agree it’s been a soft year for local drama, with Conspiracy 365 almost single-handedly burning the flame. I felt others were holding off until Austar buy-out was completed. Aside from Wentworth, I hear we will learn of more in early 2013.

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