“Smart, different, authentic” underpins TEN in 2013

MasterChef: The Professionals, Batavia, Wonderland and Elementary are all coming to TEN in 2013.

TEN has used the words “smart, different and authentic” to underpin its 2013 programming slate.

New local dramas, factuals and international content include nine new local series and four new overseas series.

CEO James Warburton has acknowledged that 2012 has not been a good enough but promised media buyers a full 40 week slate of content.

Network TEN today announced its programming line-up for 2013, including nine new local series and four new overseas drama series.

Press Release follows:

Network Ten will launch five new Australian drama series for TEN in 2013, including the comedic drama Wonderland and the epic Australian story Batavia. Also new are Mr and Mrs Murder with Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart, Reef Doctors with Lisa McCune, and Secret & Lies: The Track.

Next year’s line-up includes new twists on the iconic TEN programs MasterChef Australia and The Biggest Loser, new seasons of the critically acclaimed local drama series Offspring and Puberty Blues, and the innovative new cooking show Recipe to Riches.

Other engaging new local series on TEN next year include the live, interactive series Shock of the Now and Hamish Macdonald’s The Truth Is.

The 2013 summer will see the Hopman Cup broadcast on TEN, while next year the Wallabies find a new home on TEN with our broadcasts of the British and Irish Lions Tour and the Rugby Championship.

Network Ten Chief Executive Officer, James Warburton, said: “For 2013 we have developed a schedule that builds consistency for our viewers and advertisers and will build our audience.

“It is a 40-week plan, consistently targeted with authentic TEN programs. Familiar, successful franchises will be in our schedule week in, week out, as well as a large number of new shows.”

Network Ten Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said TEN’s core programs such as MasterChef, The Biggest Loser, The Project, Offspring, Modern Family and NCIS would be joined by a raft of new local and overseas series.

“We want our viewers to be engaged and have a great experience when they come to TEN, ELEVEN and ONE,” Ms McGarvey said.

“We want to inspire them and surprise them, but most of all we want to entertain Australians with authentic, accessible content.

“In 2013 we are proud to present viewers with our largest and most diverse drama slate. We are also cementing the growth we have seen in early evening this year by moving The Project to the 6.30pm to 7.30pm timeslot and bringing The Simpsons back home to TEN at 6pm,” she said.

“Our aim in 2013 is to deliver quality content to our audiences every week of the year and to offer them distinctive programs they cannot get anywhere else.”

TEN In 2013
Local – New
MasterChef: The Professionals
TEN and Shine Australia take the MasterChef Australia experience to a new level with MasterChef: The Professionals. Hosted by Marco Pierre White – the man widely regarded as the best chef in the world – and esteemed food critic and MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston, this new series takes 18 working chefs and puts them in the toughest cooking competition in Australia. The prize? The chance to turn their culinary dreams and ambitions into reality, under the direction of a legendary chef.

Recipe to Riches
TEN is delighted to partner with Woolworths to present this innovative new series. Produced by FremantleMedia Australia, Recipe to Riches gives everyday Australians the chance to share their home-cooked dishes with millions of people, by turning them into mouth-watering products on the shelves of Woolworths supermarkets. Viewers vote in the most authentic way: the day after each episode goes to air, they can walk into a supermarket and buy the featured products.

Mr and Mrs Murder
Shaun Micallef (Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Newstopia, Mad As Hell) and Kat Stewart (Offspring, Underbelly, Tangle) star is this new murder-mystery series. Industrial cleaners by day and amateur sleuths every other second, this happily married couple solve the crimes that leave the police baffled. Mr and Mrs Murder is a FremantleMedia Australia production of a Bravado drama.

The best-selling book by Peter Fitzsimons is set to become a major television event on TEN. This eight-part series tells the remarkable true tale of the shipwrecking of the Batavia on her maiden voyage and the shocking events that followed. The story of the Batavia is being brought to life by Screentime (Underbelly, Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms, Mary Bryant) as a co-production with networks in the US and Europe.

From FremantleMedia Austalia’s Jo Porter, a producer of Packed To The Rafters and one of the writers of Winners & Losers, comes a new contemporary romantic comedic drama. Wonderland is a series that will engage viewers with beautifully rich, relatable and moving stories, and will deliver the emotional highs and lows of drama and comedy, with an edge.

Secret & Lies: The Track
This innovative new series is a taut psychological thriller. Ben is an innocent man who finds the body of a young boy and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect. Secrets & Lies: The Track comes to TEN from the BAFTA and Emmy® Award-winning production company Hoodlum.

Reef Doctors
Gold Logie Award-winning actor Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers, Sea Patrol, The Potato Factory) stars in and co-produces this engaging family adventures series. Set on the picturesque Great Barrier Brief, Reef Doctors centres on Sam Stewart, an accomplished doctor who runs the remote Hope Island Clinic. Co-produced by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, Reef Doctors also stars Matt Day (Rake, Tangle, Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo) and Richard Brancatisano (Underbelly: Razor, Bait, Home and Away).

Shock of the Now
TEN will add to its factual program line-up in 2013 with Shock of the Now, a smart, unpredictable live show that explains our connected world. This is not a gadget show: think of it as a state-of-the art tonight show that allows viewers to interact directly with what is happening on their television screens. Shock of the Now is produced by Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder.

The Truth Is
TEN’s award-winning reporter Hamish Macdonald brings his unique style to The Truth Is, a bold, new way of exploring the world’s most dangerous, difficult and downright jaw-dropping news stories. This series sees journalism meet Bear Grylls-style television in an exciting collision of reportage and experience.

Overseas – New
American Idol
It is the highest-rating television series in the United States. It has produced global superstars such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert. In January, season 12 of FremantleMedia’s American Idol arrives on TEN, with new voices and new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and – of course – Australia’s favourite music export, Keith Urban. Forget the imitators: American Idol is the real deal. Only on TEN.

From CBS Television Studios comes a reworking one of the most compelling characters in fiction, Sherlock Holmes. Starring Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting, Eli Stone, Dark Shadows), Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels, Ally McBeal, Kill Bill) and Aidan Quinn (Legends of the Fall, Michael Collins, An Early Frost), Elementary will have viewers hooked from the first scene. It launched in the US as the number one new drama of the 2012-13 season.

Ripper Street
The terrifying story of Jack the Ripper is given a new lease of life in this major television event. Set in the East End of London in 1888 during the aftermath of the Jack the Ripper murders, Ripper Street stars Matthew Macfadyen (Spooks, Pride & Prejudice, Frost/Nixon) and is a BBC production for BBC 1 in the UK and BBC America.

The Americans
Keri Russell (Felicity) and Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters) star as Russian spies living in the US during the 1980s in this smart, engaging drama series. The Americans is produced by 20th Century Fox and debuts in the US in early 2013.

Local – Returning
MasterChef Australia returns in 2013 with a new home in Melbourne, a stunning new kitchen and a new crop of contestants eager to be crowned the best amateur chef in Australia. Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston are back, along with an inspiring collection of new judges and some returning favourites.

The Biggest Loser takes on its most important challenge in 2013: helping mums, dads and their children change their lives. The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation will be a multi-media event, using social media to take the battle against obesity to a new level.

Over the past four years, The Project has firmly established itself as the most innovative news and current affairs program on Australian television. In 2013, Carrie, Dave and Charlie will have a new home in the 6.30pm to 7.30pm timeslot.

Australia’s love affair with Nina Proudman and her family continued in 2012. Offspring returns in 2013 and TEN is delighted that Asher Keddie and the other brilliant cast members of this remarkable series will be on our screens for another two seasons.

Network Ten’s commitment to quality local drama will also see the second season of the critically acclaimed Puberty Blues on TEN in 2013 and ELEVEN’s Neighbours enter its 28th season.

Chrissie Swan and Can of Worms will be back in 2013, along with new seasons of Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors, Bondi Vet, Bondi Rescue and The Living Room.

Overseas – Returning
TEN’s slate of returning overseas hits in 2013 is led by the multi-Emmy® Award-winning Modern Family and Homeland, along with the perennial viewer favourite NCIS and its compelling spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles.

Next year’s line-up also new seasons of The Good Wife, Glee, New Girl, Law & Order: SVU, Merlin and The Graham Norton Show.

TEN remains the home of premium motorsport in 2013, with all the excitement and action of MotoGP and Formula One, including the high-rating Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

Other sport highlights of 2013 will include the Australian Swimming Championships, National Basketball League and the Hopman Cup, which will be seen on TEN in January.

TEN is also proud to announce the return of rugby union in 2013. TEN will show all Wallabies matches, including the Bledisloe Cup, as well as the British and Irish Lions Tour next year. And Before The Game and The Game Plan will be back in 2013.

ELEVEN and ONE In 2013
ELEVEN has been a success since the day it went to air and now stands as the most youthful commercial free-to-air television channel in Australia.

The success of ELEVEN will continue in 2013 with a line-up that includes new series such as Beauty and the Beast and The Choice, and new seasons of fan favourites American Horror Story, Futurama, The Cleveland Show, Raising Hope, The Office, Bob’s Burgers and – of course – Neighbours.

After posting strong audience growth in 2012, ONE is set to remain one of the most successful digital multi-channels in 2013.

ONE’s line-up for next year includes Sons of Anarchy, An Idiot Abroad: The Short Way Round, Extreme Fishing With Robson Green, Burn Notice, COPS, Undercover USA and Python Hunters, plus more Ross Kemp adventures, stand-up comedy and premium motorsport.

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  1. I forgot to add in my last comment, a replacement for Henry…..My choice would be none other than Mr Feel Good himself “Shaun Micallef”, what better way to start everyone’s day, than with the happy vibes that Shaun so naturally radiates….
    Of course the early morning slot would only need a slight tweek to the layout and other presenters etc….But definitely “needs ” a totally different,”agenda” and “name”, than the Bitter Breakfast that has mostly greeted us each working or retired day of late, I wonder how many have shouted at the TV, or have kicked the cat as they have left home to face the traffic snarls after a dose of the Biased Unpredictable Henry, who even slags off at ‘established’ or ‘potential’ advertisers( during the Alan Jones debacle) …
    You know what and in anticipation, I am already feeling happier just writing this, so to make the most of this moment, may I even suggest a new name, such as ….”The First Cuppa Club “.

    Just think of the promo’s that could promote this brand new “Happy” way to start your “Non A Political ” day(and actually mean it) and have your “First Cuppa” with us.

    But these are only pipe dreams, if some of those with “great influence”within the Ten Network, do not want to forgo their own political agenda’s.

    “The First Cuppa Club”…could still report on political news items etc. but then give Shaun “free rein”: to work his “Mad as Hell” unbiased “brilliance” to comically insert the “true facts” pertaining to “all parties and their claims” whilst starting another ‘happy day’ with “The First Cuppa Club”

  2. Does anybody know if Louise and Russel are having any early input to such radical plans, that they will live with next year?

    I’m pleased that the Good Wife got a mention this time, and not missing as in Mr Warburton’s comments 18-10 in TV Tonight, I thought Alicia may have snapped up one of the redundancies on offer, seeing her one night stand is haunting her again.
    Can anybody ever trust any tv network to stick to any plans, advertised so far ahead? When they can not even plan and screen on time, advertised programs on a daily basis?

    Especially any network intending to retain Henry, if they can’t afford to give him the boot, why don’t Ten simply rename the Bolt Report to The Breakfast Bolt Report, and use him where rightly belongs, by still retaining the Breakfast title and retaining his contracted Controversial Agenda Persona, they should avoid any undeserved cop out payments.

  3. @mj, yes, I did watch IWS. Not every week, but I caught at least four episodes of it. From what I saw, it was quite entertaining, but I don’t think it had broad audience appeal and was always going to struggle for decent ratings, just my opinion.

  4. Loads of great shows to look forward to- loving Ten’s drama, it’s top shelf quality all the way.

    Moops – I’d like to know, did you even watch I Will Survive? IMHO this was a great show programed against a juggernaut.

  5. Props to Ten for so much local content. I’m not enthused by all of it, but full credit to them for commissioning so many local productions.

    Very excited about Batavia as it is such a fantastic story. A similar show to Recipe to Riches (produced by Simon Cowell) has been very successful in the UK, and given Australian viewers love affair with cooking shows, this could be a sleeper hit. Great to see the return of The Living Room, it is a top show. No mention of the rugby league show The Game Plan that screens in Sydney on Thursday nights. Does anyone know if that is coming back? All in all, it looks good on paper and there are no obvious stand-out stink bombs like I Will Survive and The Shire. I seriously doubt whether Lara Bingle will be back

  6. @ ryan, you seem to have the wrong end of the stick. When The Project was in the 6.30 slot briefly last year it actually had some of its highest ratings. Also, when masterchef and The Biggest Loser were screened in the 7.30 slots, they actually had higher ratings than they did this year with teh 7pm starts. The programs that followed in regular 8.30pm/9.30pm slots did a lot better than the mess of start times that we had this year.

  7. sounds like something Kath & Kim would say – “nice, different and unusual”
    The project move to 6.30-7.30 is a sensible move, but i would have moved neighbours to 6pm.
    I always say actions speak louder than words, so we shall have to see. their biggest downfall has been their consistent moving of programmes at short notice, which gives them a reputation of being unreliable.

  8. Looks really great! Fingers crossed Ten can turn around in 2013!

    My only criticism is that American Horror Story really should have been fast tracked this year– and launched on Ch10 in a 9:30 timeslot right after Homeland– and then have Vegas on Tuesday night’s instead. AHS is a huge hit, and a fantastic show with a big following here– if they marketted it well, it could bring in some great numbers. Only problem would be the content… potentially wildly unsuitable for network tv…

  9. Batavia! Can’t wait. Any kid who ever read “Strange Objects” at school should be intrigued. Or Arrabella Edge’s “The Company” as an adult. Love that Peter Fitzsimon’s book, which I also loved has finally brought this story to tele. Please do a great job, 10! I want it for you, but I really want it for me!

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