South Australia offers tax exemptions to industry

The South Australian government is offering tax exemptions to lure more productions across the border.

The South Australian government is offering payroll tax exemptions for film and television productions in order to lure more productions.

This follows the opening of the $48 million Adelaide Studios which have only attracted $100,000 of commercial work in their first year.

A major blow to the studios came when $14m ABC3 series Resistance did not go into production.

Arts Minister John Hill said, “This will be the first place in Australia that does this so I think it gives us a unique opportunity to talk to the marketplace and to encourage film production and TV production here in SA.”

South Australian Film Corporation chief executive Richard Harris said, “One of the issues we’ve had with the payroll exemptions is that television producers coming into the state would never have had that certainty about getting that payroll exemption because it’s not covered.

“Now they will be told very early in the piece whether that payroll exemption will be granted to that television production or not and that will make a massive difference to a television show, which could make the difference of between $40,000 or $50,000, up to numbers of hundreds of thousands in their budget and that’s very significant.”

SBS comedy Danger 5 was also produced in South Australia.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Such an excellent facility. I hope it manages to win work consistently and become viable in the long term. But it needs to get itself on the map with initiatives such as this. Hope it works.

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