Sunday Night leads Seven to a win

Ratings: Sunday was a close tussle between Seven and Nine with public affairs shows leading the way.

Public affairs shows Sunday Night and 60 Minutes were the biggest drawcards last night in a close tussle between Seven and Nine.

Seven took the win, just 1% ahead of Nine in network share.

In the drama battle stakes at 8:30 the game was also tighter with House Husbands in front of Jack Irish, but Homeland thankfully rising on last week’s numbers.

Seven Network was 29.6% then Nine 28.6%, ABC 19.2%, TEN 18.4% and SBS 4.3%.

Sunday Night was 1.38m for Seven then Seven News (1.16m), Air Ways (1.07m), Border Security (1.05m), Bones (792,000), V8 Supercars (627,000) and Killing Time (395,000 / 290,000)

60 Minutes (1.24m) led Nine followed by Nine News (1.01m), House Husbands (944,000), Big Brother (911,000), The Mentalist (647,000) and Person of Interest (324,000).

David Attenborough: Kingdom of Plants was 972,000 for ABC1 followed by The Making of Kingdom of Plants (909,000), ABC News (875,000), Jack Irish (851,000) and Compass (348,000).

Modern Family did well for TEN with 908,000 viewers. Homeland lifted on last week’s numbers to 712,000, then Merlin (561,000), The New Normal (552,000), TEN News (499,000), Vegas (309,000) and The Project (300,000).

Battle Castle (256,000) topped SBS ONE followed by The Smartest Machine on Earth (218,000) and World News Australia (156,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country was best on multichannels with 237,000.

Sunday 21 October 2012

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  1. I just want to send my appreciation to all those involved in making and bringing to air Jack Irish. Thank you for bringing such quality programming to television and the ABC.

    But unfortunately the experience was ruined at the end by those that think it a cool idea to mess up the end credits. It wasn’t. I think it an extremely poor decision as the credits were a part of the show. You ruined the Fitzroy song as well as the one the week before. By the way I’m not a disgruntled Fitzroy fan but I am a fan of having the programming be intact.

  2. @ Pertinax I agree! But I try to record shows and not watch them live, to avoid ads!
    I recorded Scandal but ghavent watched it yet!
    I am over watching shows that get axed, moved or delayed!

  3. I’ve really been enjoying BB this year. I don’t feel as though 9 is making the most of it’s full potential though and the ratings are showing it.
    Viewers had a lot more ownership and access to it when 10 had it. Live internet streaming of the house and other live shows during the week besides just Nominations and Evictions. Friday Night Games and Uplate are sadly missed. These missing elements to the show used to really allow you to get the know the housemates and see how they really are and not their persona’s decided by a producer in an editing suite.
    It was fantastic seeing Mike Goldman back on the show last night doing some hosting. I’ve really missed seeing him on air this year.
    Hopefully if the show is back next year, 9 will fix the stuff missing from the show and will probably see the ratings improve. Or shock horror…Ten got it back and did it the way we’re used to seeing it.

  4. Even though “The New Normal” improved immensely on its second episode (the gags regarding “Grey Gardens” were hilarious and that child is an incredible actor)it is not a good timeslot for it and cuts back”Homeland” lead., It needs to be moved to another night and slightly later. It is a show that needs to take time to build an audience and at the moment it just gets in the way between “Modern Family
    and “Homeland” and is both a bit too sophisticated and a bit too risque for your very conservative Sunday night audience.

  5. @nik c
    You promote shows heavily so that people know they are on and check them out. And with people skipping ads you need to do a lot of it these days.

    You bump shows when they rate poorly. There are so many shows being promoted though at the moment that people are either just ignoring them or recording them to see if they are any good before committing to watching them.

    Channel 7’s game plan was to save Downton Abbey, Revenge, Bones and Castle for 2013. They were hoping they could get enough ratings out of the other shows they had to win the overall ratings (excluding the @l^mp!cs) and get a good base rate for advertising next year.

    All of their new shows have tanked so they have already had to put Bones on, and now Castle.

  6. I really think Seven needs tpo re-think DWTS as a mid-season replacement for Sunday Night. I think Sunday Night should do 38-40 weeks with DWTS either 7.30 Sundays or mid-week somewhere in a 7.30 slot.

  7. @ Mucho TB and Pertinax. I saw an advert promoting Castle at 8:45pm next Monday and did wonder where Scandal and TAR (Which were both heavily promoted were going to move to)!

    It strikes me as a strange concept: ‘promote a show excessively and then bump it to a later timeslot’. If you don’t have confidence in a show, do not ram it down our throats!!!!!

  8. @MuchoTB
    What the Amazing Race will only be screened on a full moon?

    So we reach the point where Suits, Person of Interest, Castle, Nikita, Supernatural, The Mentalist, Four Corners, Media Watch, Q&A, The Glades, In Treatment, 666 Park Avenue, Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23, Hart of Dixie, Californication and House of Lies are all on Monday night and you have to run multiple DVRs all night just to have something to watch the rest of the week.

    At least Black Mirror and The Newsroom will have finished by then.

  9. Do ten have the rights to The Mindy Project or Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23? These shows are more likely to retain the Modern Family audience. The New Normal is not funny and is borderline offensive – not because two guys want to have a child but because of how gay men are portrayed. They are inspired to have a child by cute clothing, they are obsessed with brand-name babywear, they are ridiculous in their requests about what the surrogate mother can and cannot eat. I usually love NBC comedies by TNN is woeful

  10. Good to see a ten show above 900,000! Merlin is bloody awesome this season, alot more action and darker too, and is also doing ok in numbers compared to other shows they used @ 6.30. Another great ep of homeland.

  11. I don’t care what anyone says I’ve like this season of BB. The Numbers are down a bit but I think the should start to pick back up being the final 2 and a bit weeks till finale. I hope Nine renew it. I also agree with Stevep in regards to House Husbands deserves a lot more.

  12. @ steviep – I totally agree that the prizes on Big Brother this seaosn are rediculous. I remember housemates been given holidays, electric scooters, cash, and even cars to the later evicted housemates – yet this season all they get is 10 minutes with Sonia and then a kick to the door. It is really disappointing as these people who have given up 3 months of their lives are given nothing to show for it except the occasional “hey you’re that guy on BB!”. Atleast TEN knew how to treat the housemates.

  13. I heard that Castle is coming back to Seven next Monday from 8:45pm after The X Factor. Scandal is being bumped to 9:45pm…I guess this means The Amazing Race will be shafted to a werewolf timeslot

  14. Great to see a lift in TEN’s ratings this week. Homeland and Merlin definitely deserve those numbers. I am yet to watch Vegas and The New Normal as Big Brother is taking up too much of my viewing, but if the promos and reviews are anything to go by I’ll definitely be watching them soon.

  15. Really happy with the big brother numbers they deserve those low numbers for a shocking season!
    9 really has killed bb I watched it every day until last week. Now I’m over it!
    I wish ten could just surprise us all and announce they picked up big brother for next season. At least they know how to do it right!

  16. I’m sure 9 would have expected the magic million for BB last night – two weeks since the last eviction and getting down to the smaller number in the house. Some technical hiccups last night too on their show.

  17. Oh and on BB i think it should be done differently.

    I think there should be 1 ‘big prize’ of say 250,000 as usual but there should be side prize of 50,000 for evicted house mates.

    But when you are evicited you dont leave the compound, you stay there. Would completely change the dynamic. People playing the game are still nominated by evicted house mates and still have to live with them. You wouldnt see boring packs of ‘friends’ sitting there doing nothing for 90 mins on a wednesday…..

  18. I would suggest Ch9 are disappointed that House Husbands has dipped below the magic million mark be it just. I like the show and think it really is better than rating 900,000, i would think 1.2-1.3 is justified.

    I think Big Brother is in a little bit of trouble. The show is a very expensive production and they would like evictions to rate more than 900,000. I know the arguments about demographics and such but at the end of the day you still need total people volume drive. I would say evictions should be rating 1.2 and daily shows 1.00 for Ch9 to be happy. They are between 10-25% down on this.

    I watch BB and the show has got painfully boring in the last 2.5 weeks. It started excellent with the challenges but now has become so painful. This is when BB should be playing with the house mates and having snap evictions, adding intruders and completely making it funny to watch again.

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