TEN pulls pin on observational series The Audience

EXCLUSIVE: TEN will not proceed with plans for a new observational series, The Audience in which one person has a decision to make and members of the public help solve the dilemma.

The series had called for Auditions in July, and was to be produced by Granada Media Australia. A UK series (pictured) has aired on Channel 4 and a US version was being developed by CBS but it is unclear if it too will proceed.

TV Tonight understands crew who were due to film this week were cancelled.

A TEN spokesperson confirmed, “Given the wealth of new shows we have for 2013, which will be announced at our Upfronts next week, we decided not to proceed with The Audience.

“We had undertaken extensive development on this project and pre-production had started but we decided not to go ahead with it.

“Such decisions are not unusual; programs come in and out of any network’s development slate at any given time. The decision to not move forward is no reflection on Granada or anyone involved with The Audience up to this point; it is simply a factor of prioritising our programs for 2013.”

TEN announces its 2013 highlights next Tuesday.


  1. Not surprised, the sound of the show didn’t exactly scream “massive hit”. After the flops of Everybody Dance Now, I Will Survive and Don’t Tell the Bride, they really need to go back to the drawing board.

    I reckon Ten will bounce back with The Biggest Loser next year, thats always a popular series. They’ll probably continue to have problems in the early evening and on other weeknights though as one show can’t sustain an entire schedule

  2. Ten paid top dollar for these rights,

    “Given the wealth of new shows we have for 2013”? Something tells me I should be putting that quote in my pocket, it’s going to come in handy.

  3. It didn’t rate too well here in the UK and like many reality/factual formats now feels a few years too late. A nice concept though and the one episode I saw (the one pictured) was a good watch but didn’t entice me to watch any more.

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