The Daylight Saving hit list

What are the shows that will be delayed to viewers in Queensland, WA and NT?

TV viewers in two states and one territory will be directly affected by the start of Daylight Saving today.

Live shows from Sydney and Melbourne will now be screening on delay -and one live show in Queensland will be delayed in Queensland itself.

Sunrise, Today, Breakfast and ABC News Breakfast will all be delayed, although viewers can still watch ABC News Breakfast Live on ABC News 24 in all states.

Q & A will be delayed on ABC1 in non-Daylight Saving states but can be seen Live on ABC News 24 at 9:35pm AEDT across the country.

Also airing delayed are:
Business Today,
The Morning Show,
TEN Morning News,
Nine Morning News,
Seven Morning News,
Midday Report,
Seven News at 4:30,
Nine Afternoon News,
The Project,
Today Tonight,
A Current Affair, 
World News Australia,
Big Brother (Live shows only),
The X Factor, 
Q & A,
TEN Late News 

Voting for Big Brother and The X Factor will now finish one hour earlier in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Big Brother‘s finale will be delayed in Queensland, the very state in which it is taking place.

Twitter and social media comments will be affected on Big Brother, Can of Worms, Q & A and other shows that engage in Live audience feedback.

Foxtel programming will now air an hour earlier in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

And with a few exceptions, it will stay that way until April.

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  1. DLS does change things a little for most shows.I was in Queensland in 2002 and for the early morning crack of dawn things It stays much the same for most shows on Regular TV can’t say too much on the Pay TV though.

  2. Awww daylight savings. That wonderfull time of the year when one gets to enjoy the sun until 8:45ish pm Such fun. No seriously I hate daylight savings. Its the one and only thing i envy about QLD. I’m sure Ppl living on the coast get a thrill out of it. But they should ban or shorten the daylight savings period west of the blue mountains.

  3. big brother isnt actually live anywhere – if you go on the dreamworld website it looks like they do the taping at 5pm on a Sunday night. How can they call this live?

  4. Ann, your onto something there! I must agree!

    On another note, having EST time and broadcast in WA on Foxtel is great! Meaning we don’t miss out on Live shows or broadcasts as people with FTA here complain of the time difference! I think it’s great having same time broadcast as EST!

  5. The whole country should be on daylight saving and it should be extended by 1 month – 6 weeks at least at both ends, so we can save energy.

    Easy decision and no one is impacted, except our power bills, which are lower

  6. Forgot to add Ten Late News to that list. Plus, Today Tonight will not be airing on delay in Western Australia, neither will Seven 4:30 News or Nine Afternoon News due to Western Australia having its own editions of these programs.

  7. @Qubec Its my understanding that Foxtel Cable is on delay west of the Great Dividing Range for the channels that don’t have live content. All Foxtel Satellite services are not delayed at all. When an ad for a show on Foxtel is aired, Satellite viewers in Adelaide need to subtract half an hour from the time advertised.

    The EPG is shown in local time due to settings in the STB. Also except for ABC1, ABC2, ABC3 SBS1 and SBS2, FTA channels aren’t available on the Satellite service.

  8. Prime Gold Coast show channel 7 Sydney news at 6pm so it will be delayed by an hour now.

    SC Ten Gold Coast show Ten’s Sydney news at 5pm so it will also be showed on an hour delay now.

    Not sure how much having 6 channels on the GC affects ratings as it is counted as part of the Brisbane catchment according to Oztam.

  9. I don’t understand why Foxtel would air at a different time in some states and not just at their local time. And why it does so for Perth all the time. Shouldn’t an 8.30 show just air at their 8.30 and not at our 8.30. Are you honestly telling me that Foxtel can’t send a delayed signal for shows to a different state? And what happens with their EPG? Does it say 7.30 in Melbourne and 6.30 in Brisbane, in which case why can’t they just show delayed broadcast? I’m confused…. A little help!

  10. I hate Daylight Saving! Because I live in Brisbane, it changes the programming on Foxtel to an hour earlier and I hate that Sydney and Melbourne get to watch The X Factor an hour earlier lol.

  11. Yes the ‘fun’ of DLS, which is always a divisive time here in QLD. We are now an hour behind the rest of the east coast. I just had to re-set my mums cell phone as it thought it was in NSW.

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