The power of Christ compels you….

Seriously, Big Brother, we will all be having nightmares for weeks!

Whoever dreamt up the Big Baby that’s in the BB house right now must be one very twisted individual!

That thing is so ugly it will be making end of the year lists alongside Excess Baggage.

Spewing from one end, and gushing from another… ewwwww, all while we’re having dinner. And that freaky head.

Michael summed it up best when he recited lines from The Exorcist (which presumably went over the heads of many younger viewers).

“The power of Christ compels you….”

Can this challenge be over soon please?


  1. You’re right Rayne – ACA is possibly closer to something that “passes for early evening entertainment”….it sure as hell isn’t current affairs!

  2. I look forward to the baby arching back its arms and legs and walking down the stairs and through the house backwards like a spider ala Exorcist (Extended Edition). Please BB make it happen! Ratings gold!

  3. This is what passes for early evening entertainment on tv these days? *rolls eyes at the stupidity of it all* Yes we change the channel as soon as ACA finishes to avoid this rubbish.

  4. Ricoz – that wasn’t ‘old man’ big brother voice for Surly the fish. They’re two different voices. Surly has some sort of English accent.

    Anyway I liked it. Always enjoy seeing who Surly speaks to next and what he has to say. They’ve put up a video containing more of the date on the bb website that didnt make it to TV.

  5. daveinprogress

    I thought it was hilarious – i got lots of belly laughs – but yes it is downright strange and bizarre. The weekly tasks have been interesting. Fewer twists than i recall from the original 5 (or was it 8) series, but some odd turns – talking fish, interactive audio and visual elements – Attenborough copycat, now this oversized creature. Sam was just a natural with it!

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