The theory on multichannels gets Nine a bigger bang

Ratings: When primary channels are neck and neck, it's a multichannel that makes all the difference, as Nine wins Thursday.

Never discount the power of a rerun on your multichannels. On a low performing Thursday Seven’s primary channel was just ahead of Nine’s, but the lure of The Big Bang Theory on GO! helped nudge Nine across the line to a win.

Nine Network was 27.6% then Seven 26.3%, TEN 20.7%, ABC 19,1% and SBS 6.3%.

Nine News was 898,000 for Nine then ACA (832,000). Big Brother was 787,000 / 738,000, AFP was 716,000, Hot Seat was 523,000, CSI: Miami was 436,000 and Australian Families of Crime was 331,000.

Seven News topped the night with 1.05m for Seven then Today Tonight (955,000), Home and Away (932,000), Beauty & the Geek Australia (831,000), Brynne: My Bedazzled Life (756,000), How I Met Your Mother (640,000), The Unbelievable Truth (520,000), Deal or No Deal (420,000) and Family Guy (260,000).

TEN News was 595,000 for TEN then Law and Order: SVU (576,000 / 430,000), Modern Family (565,000) and Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals (564,000 / 480,000).

ABC News (1.02m) won its timeslot for ABC1 then Rake (807,000), 7:30 (760,000), Catalyst (740,000), Lowdown (363,000) and Greatest Cities of the World with Griff Rhys Jones (261,000).

Destination Flavour‘s finale was 261,000 for SBS ONE followed by One Born Every Minute (249,000), Gourmet Farmer (235,000), Two Greedy Italians …Still Hungry (230,000) and World News Australia was just 124,000.

Big Bang Theory topped multichannels with 368,000.

Today: 353,000
Sunrise: 348,000
ABC News Breakfast: 57,000 / 31,000
Breakfast: 43,000

Thursday 18 October 2012 


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  1. I still think Ten should move ncisl.a to 8.30 wed, New ncis on tuesday followed by a repeat always worked which showed The new ncis l.a eps were wasted when they could be put back to wed 8..30 in goodwife’s slot and bump that to 9.30. Ncis l.a would surley rate better than goodwife.

  2. @ Daniel – Considering they dropped 30 mins of the show to save costs , I don’t think it will be axed just yet.

    Nine Network was 27.6% then Nine 26.3%, TEN 20.7%, ABC 19,1% and SBS 6.3%.

    Is that a typo ? Seven was at 26.3 percent ?

  3. Last thursday’s numbers for Sbs news was 170k..yesterday’s 124k.I think it shows how variance can be so great when dealing with small samples.Think most people are pretty set in how they get their news..doesn’t make sense that 27% of your audience just goes away…more likely that 2 sbs families just decided to go out for dinner that night..skewering results.

  4. It would be quite ironic if Breakfast gets axed now due to Ten’s cost-cutting. The last month has been the only time the show has been rating consistently.

    I think overall the show is getting better. Opinions of Paul aide, I think Kath has really stepped up and improved.

    Don’t like the rotating newsreader thing though – Natasha Belling should be on everyday, and Natasha Exelby should move to the Weekend News.

  5. David is there any news on how TEN’s Late News is going in relation to it’s competition in that timeslot? Covert Affairs seems to be pulling 200,000+ in the 10:30pm timeslot and I’m curious as to how TEN are going as your ratings tables only show the top 20 programs and you don’t usually report the 10:30pm timeslots in these articles.

  6. From the looks of things “Breakfast” is becoming more popular…still way behind Today and Sunrise but better than the 30,000 viewers it was pulling around three months ago

    IIRC one of the Ten executives said that they’d be happy with around 50,000 viewers a day. Then again they also said they’d be content with 850,000 viewers for the 7pm Project when it first aired, and that show has been airing for years now despite not reaching that figure

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