The Unbelievable Truth: Oct 18

Guests: Merrick Watts, Sarah Kendall and Mr Goodies himself, Graeme Garden.

On Episode Two of The Unbelievable Truth the guests are Merrick Watts, Sarah Kendall, and Mr Goodies himself Graeme Garden.

The Chaser‘s Andrew Hansen also makes his first appearance.

Merrick Watts talks makeup and uncovers some hidden ingredients that aren’t so pretty. But are his makeup facts just made-up lies?

Sarah Kendall spins a web of lies on spiders, provoking a lively debate on their original ancestors.

Would a Goodie lie to you? Graeme Garden attempts to hide a bunch of unbelievable facts about China. As creator of the concept, will he have a completely unfair advantage? Of course he will.

Andrew Hansen bares all the facts on nudity – but is it really illegal for a soldier to pose without clothes? Seems Prince Harry missed the order.

Hosted by Craig Reucassel, The Unbelievable Truth is a game where comedians give entertaining presentations in which everything is untrue except a few strange facts. Guests try to pick the truth from the lies.

9:30pm Thursday on Seven

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