Wednesday soft for ratings

Wednesday was a low-rating weeknight with only 4 shows over the one million margin, and three of them were in News.

Seven Network won the night with 32.6% then Nine 26.6%, ABC 19.8%, TEN 15.5% and SBS 5.5%.

Seven News was 1.08m for Seven then Surveillance Oz (1.05m), Highway Patrol (977,000), Today Tonight (958,000), Criminal Minds (949,000 / 680,000), Home and Away (931,000), Deal or No Deal (438,000) and Covert Affairs (277,000).

Nine News (1.05m) was best for Nine followed by ACA (957,000), Big Brother (895,000), Embarrassing Bodies (667,000), Big Fat Gypsy Weddings (619,000), Hot Seat (507,000) and a replay of House Husbands (225,000).

ABC News (1.03m) topped ABC1 then Gruen Planet (997,000), The Hamster Wheel (843,000), 7:30 (784,000), Qi (764,000), Randling (406,000), and At the Movies (319,000).

TEN News was 618,000 for TEN. Modern Family was 564,000. Last Man Standing was 521,000 / 450,000, The Good Wife was 487,000 and Class of was just 145,000.

Survivors: Indestructible Creatures (280,000) led SBS ONE followed by Living with the Amish (254,000), Barack Obama: Great Expectations was 151,000 and World News Australia was 149,000.

7TWO’s Heartbeat was best on multichannels with 329,000. Kitchen Cabinet premiered to 227,000.

Today: 362,000
Sunrise: 349,000
ABC News Breakfast: 43,000 / 32,000
Breakfast: 42,000

Wednesday 10 October 2012


  1. harrypotter1994

    Good to see all this Good Wife talk never seen so many talking about it..

    It was the show id been waiting for since they announced it was coming back and it was a cracker like usual!

    Now Merlin on Sunday!!

  2. @James 666 Quite a few of those US Shows will still be on up until April/May 2013 as there will be breaks.

    Like last season The Good Wife was off for 2 weeks from Nov 20th was on Dec 04th to Dec 11th was off until Jan 08th, was on for 2 weeks, off for 2 weeks and that went for a bit like that, same as NCIS and Hawaii Five-O, both last season went until May.

    So that is coming in to Masterchef time and the other shows they have as well, fast-tracking will test a lot of viewers once they see how many 2 week, 4 week breaks shows have in the US.

  3. @Chris, you should visit TV Tonight daily and then you won’t miss anything .

    I agree with all comments about The Good Wife. I don’t think TEN has promoted it well. Too much focus on Alicia in the ads. So many interesting characters and guest stars.

  4. Have always enjoyed The Good Wife and this series looks particularly interesting. Have been trying to remember the name of the English actor who plays Kalinda’s ex (he used to be in Hustle).

  5. Dr Regina Phalange

    It’s really sad knowing that The Good Wife premièred to over 1 million viewers – and now has less than 500,000. It was a good rebound episode for the show as it is considered by many to be coming of its’ weakest season, being the 3rd – which is still better than 80% of the stuff out there.

  6. I always found The Good Wife fairly wooden acting but I only saw series one and drifted away. I hope Ten keep it there for a couple of weeks but it is hard to see it rating anything above 600K given its performance over the past few years.

    Credit should go to Ten for sticking with the dire numbers for Last Man Standing and Class Of and not chopping them mid season.

  7. I despair of the viewing habits of Australians, they’d far prefer crap to something like The Good Wife, which is terrific television.

    Seriously, Fat Gypsy Wedding – Embarrassing Bodies???? !! And Big Brother which I wouldn’t watch in a fit.

    It’s enough to make a person suicidal. I struggle to find anything even reasonably decent to watch most night. At least I can look forward to Rake, followed by Lowdown (which is fun, and Australian) tonight.

  8. bettestreep2008

    Very disappointed to see TGW rate so poorly.

    It was a cracker of an episode – brilliantly acted, directed and written.

    I sure hope Ten doesn’t move it around – again. Fans gave up last year because it had several time slot changes.

    Now that it is being fast tracked – and at a decent hour – it should be doing much much much better.

    Wonder if the timeshift numbers will boost it?

  9. I think it is more that the audience is so spread out on Wed nights that hardly anything reaches past a million.

    The Good Wife is brilliant – don’t understand how Embarrassing Bodies and Gypsy Weddings do better!

  10. Ten’s decision to run all the new U.S programming prior to Christmas will strike a serious blow to the Network.

    They are not getting any traction, advertisers will not pay them for it and senior media buyers have already made up their mind as to how they will spend dollars in 2013.

    This means Ten will enter 2013 will little US programming and must rely on their outstanding track record of Australian commissioning.

    Dire !

  11. Ten’s problems are dire. They have low ratings everywhere so they can’t raise awarenesss of their shows even if they are good. The only solution I can suggest is they buy advertising on Channel 7!!!

  12. I must say I found The Good Wife season 4 premier to be great. Its a pitty it gets such a bad let in from a douple episode of Last Man Standing.

    Ten needs a new permanent show in the 7-7:30 time slot. Modern family is great. But they have been repeated about 4 times. Fans have already watched them. I just hope Ten keeps the Good Wife in that position.

  13. Geez,Seven has a popular and familiar brand.Take their Wednesday lineup(save for news and TT,which they’ve home grown),put it on Ten,and you’ve probably got a 4th place finish.Too bad The Bridge isn’t showing up in the ratings’s a terrific series.Nice piece on Rove,David.Ps .. disregard the guy from yesterday who suggested you should start charging

  14. The Chaser boys ought to re-invent themselves pretty fast – yet to see last night’s ep but from the first 2 the only really funny sketch was the Prepared Obituary for Rupert Murdoch.

    Everything else looked and sounded pretty tired…

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