2013 Logie Awards: voting opens

Voting is now open for the TV Week 55th Logie Awards.

TV Week has an online site that allows you to vote (and maybe win a VIP night) here.

This year there is no “Race for Gold” portion due to run in the lead up to the big night. So once you have voted, that’s it. This is to try and limit those pesky Facebook campaigns.

TV Week has also added some FAQs in steps towards more transparency, including….

“Who comes up with the list of programs and people to vote on?”
All TV networks – that’s free-to-air, pay and community channels – are invited to submit programs and personalities. TV WEEK reviews the submissions, and then Roy Morgan, Australia’s longest-established public opinion survey company, creates the voting survey. It’s a very comprehensive list, so chances are, you’ll find the person or the program you want on it.

“How do some people know the winners before the telecast has aired?”
The telecast is always slightly delayed – to allow it to be edited into a tighter, better show – which means that the guests at the event know the winners before people watching at home, but they are asked not to spoil the surprise. As well, in the past, some journalists were given an embargoed list of winners before they were announced, to help them meet their deadlines.

“What’s in the VIP Gift Bag?”
The contents of the gift bag change each year, but it typically includes upmarket products such as perfume and jewellery, and is usually valued at over $1000. It is only given to nominees, presenters and international guests.

Voting closes February 10, 2013 and the Logies are held on Sunday April 7th the first day after the end of Easter non-ratings.

Logie Awards voting.


  1. Regarding Mel B etc., although they’re from overseas, they’re appearing/working regularly on an Australian-produced TV show, so they should be eligible. It would be like saying that Rachel Griffiths and Toni Collette shouldn’t be eligible for The Emmys.

  2. Just voted. Wow I actually voted for some ch9 people .How do Seal and Benji get nominated and Mel B get nominated. I know they are hosts well they are judges really but I thought this was the Australian tv awards.

    Anyway does Hugh Sheridan sit on the rafters table or the ch10 table?

  3. “The telecast is always slightly delayed – to allow it to be edited into a tighter, better show.” What a joke! Nine has been showing the Logies for around 20 years now, surely it would have gathered a lot of experience on event telecasts, such as change of sets. I think Nine’s excuse is to show more ads, and promos on its own shows if they win an award. Why can’t Nine show the Logies just like the Primetime Emmy Awards in the US? If necessary, the pre-show dinner next year should start at 5.30pm and the tables cleared at 7.30pm for the awards telecast.

  4. Re Underbelly in Mini Series, I believe i read several years ago that a show that has between 2 and 13 episodes is classed as a mini series.

    That is why Sea Patrol had only 13 episodes in its 1st 3 seasons and an ongoing story arc, in order to qualify for government funding under the mini series criteria.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    I imagine that the hosting site is experiencing some traffic right now (actually, I don’t need to imagine, I can see it). I’d wait until later in the day or, dog forbid, tomorrow if you wish to avoid a ClickFail experience. You have until Feb so there’s no rush.

  6. Did it stuff up for anyone else? I got to popular presenter then clicked continue and it thought I was done but hadnt answered the other categories, stupid.

  7. I just voted, and man it was tough, mainly because I realised how little Australian content I watch. I knew maybe two of the ‘new talent’ nominees, and so many of the factuals I have never even seen.

    PS: Jackie Woodburne for Gold!

  8. Well what a joke this is. The Voice and The X Factor have been put in the Light Entertainment category? They are clearly classed as Reality programs. What is wrong with the people who run these awards? Then Underbelly gets put in the Mini-Series category? It seems shows are allowed to change categories each and every year. This is crazy.

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