Airdate: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile

ABC1 has announced it will screen the UK documentary that has broken alleged scandals on the late Jimmy Savile.

The Other Side of Jimmy Savile will screen in place of Modern Spies, which was due to air next Monday.

Former police detective-turned investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas investigates allegations that Sir Jimmy Savile sexually abused vulnerable teenage girls.

The show was shown in the UK in early October and garnered mass media attention:

Neil Midgely, The Telegraph ***** ‘Populist current affairs at its very best… a gripping watch from start to finish’.

Mark Lawson, The Guardian – ‘One of the most talked-about shows of recent times’.

Matthew Bell, The Independent – ‘A rare event in modern television: a documentary with no need for flannel or fancy camerawork… a straightforward piece of investigative journalism’.

8:30pm Monday on ABC1.


  1. I see Savile is now accused of tricking the boxer Frank Bruno into shaking hands with the “Yorkshire Ripper” Peter Sutcliffe (and the picture is there to prove it).Has there ever been a celebrity that has caused so much havoc while being dead,a one man National crime spree……

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